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What app can be used to replace Adobe Flash Player on an iPad 2?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1
  • King_Penguin Level 10 Level 10 (104,185 points)

    None completely. Browser apps such as Skyfire, iSwifter, Puffin and Photon 'work' on some sites, but judging by their reviews not all sites. Also some websites, especially news sites, have their own apps in the App Store (as do some flash-based games).

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    There is no replacement for Flash on the iPad.


    You can download replacement browsers that reformat the Flash video for the iPad with varing success.


    iSwifter or Skyfire are two, that immediately come to mind.


    Or, you can share the screen of your Mac or PC on your iPad. It allows you to run Flash videos on your Mac/PC and output the display to the iPad.

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    I just downloaded "Photon Flash" and had success playing Flash content from both Facebook and AmericanGreetings animated cards, including interactive clicking within the card.  Although it doesn't run as quickly and smoothly as on a desktop iMac,  it is still good enough to see most content of interest.  I haven't experimented with other products yet, but for now this one is adequate.