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    Photos for Mac

    What is this Set Desktop?

    You can set one of your images as Desktop wallpaper using this command.

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  • teknon42 Level 1 Level 1

    For those who might be interested, I've written up my own extensive wishlist here:


    Here's are a couple of features I'd love to see that I haven't seen suggested anywhere for Aperture or Adobe Lightroom:

    13. Supplement editing presets with powerful custom FX engine. This would enable image editors to make custom multi-layered adjustments to images using photo textures, blending modes, custom masks, layer adjustments, blend modes, etc. The existing material shaders in 3D programs like Autodesk Maya are already very similar to this.




    18. Tool to select regions based on focus—this would use image sharpness to create a depth mask that could be used for decreasing depth of field, adding atmospheric haze, selective vignetting, etc. I’d love to see this in Photoshop as well!

    Anyway, check out the list and let me know what you think!

  • rgbuser Level 1 Level 1

    Actually, I like Aperture pretty much as it is. BUT, I want Highlights & Shadows back to how it was in 3.2 and earlier. The simplification in 3.3 *****!

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    Hear; hear. Aperture doesn't need to swell its feature set, but to do things better, faster, cleaner.

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    I'd mostly just like to see it be 100% bug free and perhaps faster.  I'm really disappointed with the Sync/Stack bug in 3.3 and the Previews bug in 3.3.  So I'd like to see a 3.3.1, 3.3.2, etc... before we see a 4.0.


    For 4.0, one feature I'd like... The ability to HDR a Stack.  Simply take any Stack and have an HDR engine that merged them into one photo which would become a Version in the Stack (defaulting to the Pick).

  • cashaww Level 1 Level 1

    Yes, I meant Capture NX2.  I normally shorthand it.

  • apple_fanX Level 1 Level 1

    I used iPhoto but as I have a new (lot faster) iMac, I decided to switch to Aperture 3. My wishlist:


    - FCPX-style dark interface

    - Better performance (especially with RAW images)

    - Support for three monitors

    - Better noise reduction

    - More gestures

    - Panorama creation

    - Lens editing (focus on specific part of the image)

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    I agree with rgbuser.  Aperture is a great tool for  DAM  and first raw adustments.  Lets keep it simple and not follow the Bloatware of Lightroom.  I love this site but with more features added Im afraid Ill be here more often.


    discloser.  I use PS for final edits but I dont roundtrip, I do reimport those after layering images and renaming for client and myself.  Yes its more work but it keeps it simple for my right brain, the only side I use. : 0

  • Don Trammell Level 3 Level 3

    Agreed. I feel that apps like LR and Aperture are tools for photographers while Photoshop is a tool for graphic designers. For some extended processing work I use the NIK plugins. They work great and for the most part do the same things as Photoshop and for a lot cheaper. I am still waiting for Aperture 4 or at least for Apple to say that they are not going to continue supporting pro photo apps.

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    As time passes, I wonder more and more why everybody is waiting for Aperture 4 (me too :-/)? A new version generally means new bugs, often a handful new "features" nobody really needs, sometimes a new version predicts a different workflow which is not always better than before. And every time you have to pay for an upgrade.


    The only thing I really miss in Aperture is a distortion correction tool (I think I mentioned earlier): one simple slider to adjust pincushion and barrel distortion and maybe another tool for basic perspective corrections (well knowing that using a PC lens could do the trick much better).


    Apart from that, Aperture 3.3.2 is absolute perfect for me. The update from 3.2.4 has been some kind of awakening. It's much faster now, uses remarkably less memory than before and since the update I didn't saw a single crash! That's what I really expect from a professional software. Nothing more, nothing less.


    For some extended image processing I use GIMP (on OSX/X11). It offers most of the features Photoshop does, but for free!

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    New features are not key in my opinion. I need a tool for fast keywording and mangment as well as collaboration. Aperture does the first bit very well and I do not miss any features which i can buy from plugin developers. I am missing on the collaboration part an option which will allow me to share a project or a whole library. I am currently working on a project with a freind.  He needs images of mine. I have to export the images and then he will take them in his aperutre. Thereby the biggest enemy of mine lures around the corner ... Redundancy. We get several versions of images and so on.


    I need to be able to share parts of my aperture library. This would help me so much!

  • niko.n Level 1 Level 1

    You could export that part of your library to a new one and place that  on a shareable cloud service which offers WebDAV. Then you and your sharing partner can mount that WebDAV drive via finder and within Aperture select File > Cange Library > Other/New... (I only have the German translation here, so the menu item names may differ) and select the library from the WebDAV drive.


    So no need to implement more online functions into a software which basically doesn't need any internet connection. For me even FotoStream (iCloud), Facebook and Flickr are not really need to be part of an image processing and management program and in my opinion these functions should be allocated to seperate programs.

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    export import and then this works and that doesn't work then change library ...


    this is so old fashoined why not suggest optical drives again ...


    Real time sahring is new tech and will save alot of time and hastle. Aperture is a single place solution it could work so much better in a team environment with live and active sharing! I wnat my partner to see changes in the images I made etc.

  • Don Trammell Level 3 Level 3

    Hate to break the news to you but things are even worse under Lightroom. It is based on SQLite. Importing and exporting catelogs are even more troublesome. The problem with networking all apps is the change accountability. How is this managed while having the app maintain a high degree of performance?

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