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I just bought mainstage 2 from the app store via download.  I'm having a problem with the 'pop horns' folder.  If I choose one, it sounds like a sine wave, and then the 'pop horns' folder disappears altogether.


This problem has been noted before at https://discussions.apple.com/message/6395493#6395493, but they suggest scanning the install disks with a program called 'Pacifist' for the missing components.  Unfortunately, since I bought mainstage from the app store, there are no disks, so that won't work.


Any suggestions?



MainStage, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Did you download and install all the additional content via the Mainstage menu?



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    Loading the rest of the content helped a lot.  I got a couple of funky horn patches to come up just fine!


    I still have a problem with the 'studio horns' patch.  When I load it, I get the error:


    EXS24 instrument “Horn Section.exs”:

    Audio file “YT-BRASS TTS FA G3X01.aif” not found!


    And the patch does not work.


    I don't know if everyone has this problem or just me.



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    I lost the file - mid-concert!  I was playing it and it just disappeared.  It looks like its loaded, the channel strip is there.  The one thing I have noticed is that the velocity changes, meaning it won't play the legato tones, but will play the "fall."


    Has anyone else had this issue?