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So this problem has become progressively worse to the point where my iPhone is not working in its main purpose: AS A PHONE


I had a problem a month back where my phone which was working fine 10minutes beforehand stated that the sim failed. After a restart, sim fail again, same after a reset.  I took this to the provider that sold me my sim and to my surprise they removed the sim rubbed it with an eraser and then it worked again???


I dont know if this is related to the current problem.  The main issue is that I cannot make or receive calls.  Hitting dial works but then there is no sound, the people i call dont receive anything other than a missed call and when i try to hang up, the end screen hangs after the red button goes grey.  If you hit the home button or the power button to lock at this point you can get back to the home screen no problem.  Hitting the phone again brings up the same call with the end button now back to red.  Hitting again causes this to hang again.  The only way avoid this is to hit home, then double tap home and kill the phone app.


I am in an area where reception is a little sketchy.  Prior to this issue occuring, there would be 2/3 bars of reception and when signal dropped out hitting airplane mode  on and off lead to the phone searching again for the signal, this took time but it would come back up at one or two.  Currently, the phone will show reception of 2/3 bars constantly.  This is unusual, as there was always times when the signal dropped out.  When hitting airplane mode on and off to check this the signal immediately comes back to 2/3 bars and does not search at all.  I believe the carrier signal indicator is hanging and this may be related.


Another issue i have noted is when starting to make the call, i put the phone to my ear to see if its ringing and siri pops up?  Siri should most definitely come up at this point as it is not set to voice commands (and i havent spoken anyway) and i do not touch the home button.  Siri only comes on when the phone touches my ear.



So far i have tried:


  • 5.01 update - same issues
  • Toggling airplane mode on and off to get it to search for the carrier again - this occasionally worked until 2 days ago
  • Turning the phone off and on - this occasionally worked until yesterday
  • Resetting the phone (home and off button) - this occasionally worked until 1hr ago
  • Deleting all apps - this did nothing
  • Turning off wifi - also nothing
  • Turning of location services - nothing
  • Turning off siri- nothing (although it stops popping up when touching to ear)
  • Removing the sim - this worked last week, today no luck (i even tried the eraser trick)
  • Turning off siri


I have read a much as I can on this issue (and it seems to be everywhere) and havent seen a peep from Apple regarding a fix (yes, i will restore tonight to confirm but nobody said this worked either).  If this is such a widespread issue why doesnt Apple have a better troubleshoot than what i did above (yes, i know i need to try the restore, but again every question i read said this didnt work).


My problem compounds, I am working in Singapore and my phone was purchased in Australia (unlocked from Apple).  Getting to an Aussie retailer is not as easy as going down to the shops for me.  My question is this, is this a hardware issue?  I need a phone for work and decided to upgrade from my 3G (yes dinosaur) as soon as the 4S came out.  I must have this sorted by tonight and am very worried that my expensive new phone is junked (ok yes my sudoku app would still work if i didnt delete it)


I tried to do this through the express lane but the only options are via a phone call.  I cannot receive calls, I cannot make calls, apple how can you make these the only options when this was the topic i selected.


I just want my phone to work.  Can anyone help please?


Kind regards,


Exasperated long time apple user and supporter (since mac SE)

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    So have traipsed around a shopping centre in Singapore with infinite (apple reseller), M1 (mobile carrier) and everyone is stumped.  The apple store guy took the time to tell me that my problem is special and he had never seen it before.  The mobile carrier was better and we established its a phone issue.  My sim works fine in another 4S.  One other point of note is that when ejecting the sim with the phone on, the carrier signal still showed 4 bars....definitely hung there.


    All the advice I got was: try a restore.   Grrrr.  So thats happening right now.


    Will update soon.

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    Well so far so good the hang has not returned.  Baffling that it slowly got worse and worse but its a software issue (which itunes assured me is up to date).  Now after restoring the same software.....success unless the 5.01 this time is a different build?  Who knows.  Hopefully this is the last of it.

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    Having very similiar issues on my 4S I bought in Nov - so you are saying a complete restore took care of your issue?  I have some much data that needs to synch, it will be painful to redo. 

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    having the same issue right now, cant receive any call and whenever want to make a call, is hang...errr. I do try with other sim card, it's work. Try to restore, hopefully it's ok.

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    Same issues again this week.  Right when i needed it most.  Restored and got it running again.  Getting to be a bit frustrated with this.  I would much rather this thing worked in its primary purpose..........AS A PHONE......Everything else is secondary. Maybe the cheapest, smallest Nokia would be better than a 'smart' phone that I have spent too much time troubleshooting on already.

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    I am having the exact same problem as you. I bought my unlocked iPhone 4 from Apple Canada, and now using it in Malaysia. The phone works half of the time as a phone (mostly when I am home), but it often fail when I am in a shopping mall when I need it the most.


    I keep having these problems:

    1) When I call someone (usually in a shopping mall or some public places) , I don't hear the tone although they hear ring and see my call. When they pick up, I don't hear anything. Since I don't hear anything, I have to press "END" to try again. However, when I press end call, the phone sort of hang in that call screen. I can never make another call again.

    2) When the phone is in that state, nobody can call me, they will hear calling tone but my phone will never ring.

    3) Turning off and turning the phone on again does not help. I need to restore the phone to factory setting (which it seems I have to do it on weekly basis.


    Did you find a solution to this?


    Thanks in advance for any helpful advice.

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    I think I found a work around to this problem. In Setting > Carrier, don't choose Automatic. Explicitly select the carrier. Once I did that, I haven't encountered this problem.


    Please try and let me know if it works for you. :-)