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Hi, I have down loaded imovie to my ipad 2 and have checked out help ;-), but I can't seem to file share my GoPro movies on my laptop to my ipad. I have added the files under itunes apps and imovie and sync'd with my ipad, but they don't appear under video when I open iMovie on my iPad.

Any ideas  pls?

iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1, All sw is up to date
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    Are the videos playing in the camera app?


    iMovie uses video that are in the camera roll, or other photo/video albums.

    It cannot access videos from the movies app.

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    Hi, the GoPro videos work fine when played on my laptop. I have since discovered if I copy the videos from the laptop back to the GoPro camera (SD Card), then remove the SD Card and input the videos into my iPad via the iPad SD Card adapter, I can see them in iMovie under the Video pane. So that method is one solution. But means I have to copy all my videos from my laptop back to the SD card and then input via the SD adapter into my iPad.


    As iMovie is a file sharing app, as seen in iTunes on my laptop, I don't understand why the video files I add to iMovie file sharing in iTunes on my laptop do not show up in iMovie on my iPad when sync'd.


    To me, there appears to be a bug in file sharing in iMovie.

    Other applications file share fine between my laptop and iPad, only iMovie is not working.


    I notice under iMovie reviews other users have experienced iMovie file sharing not working.


    Is file sharing working when tested by Apple Support between Windows and iPad?

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    The only file sharing option for iMovie is for Projects.


    So as I already wrote;

    The ONLY way to get video into iMovie is to get it from the camera roll, or from a 'photo' album.

    So you need to go to the 'Photos' tab in itunes, and add the movies either from iPhoto, or shared from a folder.


    It sounds odd to move videos using the photos tab, but that's just the way iOS iMovie rolls.

    iMovie iOS was made to edit video that iMovie shoots, or the camera app shoots.


    Any other way of importing video (via the moves or TV shows tab, or from the apps tab / file sharing) does not work.

    As you noticed, importing from the SD Card kit will import video to the camera roll, and thus iMovie is able to see it.


    Have a read of the manial so you can see how it works:


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    Interesting, reply, so the app has a bug or at least has bad instructions. I can import into iMovie if it's a project but not a Video file, but the app has files sharing which obviously is very selective.

    Isn't that like a microwave that can defrost, but doesn't work on chicken, meat or vegetables, but does ice perfectly.

    Your reference to the manual is condescending, as I mentioned I checked this before sending you a question. I had exhausted all possibilities, but file sharing just DOESN'T WORK as expected.

    You may describe this bug as a "feature" but as many other apps do file share perfectly, I see it it a app with basic features missing.

    I will add, once the files are added, via SD card, the app is a great little video editor, not many features, very good value and simple to use, easier if you use help!


    Kind regards

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    Smileygc wrote:

    Interesting, reply, so the app has a bug or at least has bad instructions. I can import into iMovie if it's a project but not a Video file, but the app has files sharing which obviously is very selective.

    It's not a bug, and no where does Apple or anyone suggest that you can just add videos to the app via file sharing. There are great instructions, you just didn't follow them.

    There are plenty of video apps that cannot import video this way,

    most video and photo effects apps only allow video import via camera roll.


    I added a link to the manual as you seemed to not have read it; as you suggest that you read the help, not the manual.

    If you had read the manual you would have seen that there is no mention of "filesharing" video.


    My first answer gave you all you needed to know.

    And now I hope you are able to use the app correctly and can get your video in.

    Good Luck.

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    Totally with you on that one. So used not having to read the Apple manual. Seems to mae perfect sense to drop your files into the iMovie File Sharing window. Than again they still haven't fixed the video playlists on the ipad either ;-/