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I'm trying to do an assignment for english. I need to make an MLA format Outline. It's taking me forever to figure out all the crazy indents and different label styles. All my classmates have Microsoft Word and their computers have MLA outline template helper. I was wondering if there is anything like that for MAC?

eMac G4   Mac OS X (10.4)  

eMac G4, Mac OS X (10.4)
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    Someone has been working on an MLA template for Pages. You can download it from this site forums.macnn.com/showthread.php?p=2386052. If you only have AppleWorks, the following may help.

    Easton Area High School English Department
     Home Writing Lab  English Teachers  Booklet of Style 
    MLA Format in AppleWorks

    Spacing: Change the 1 li setting to 2 li

    To Set Continuous Pagination and Heading:

    1.      Select Document from the Format menu; change top margin setting to .5; change bottom margin to .75 . Click OK.

    2.      Select Insert Header from Format menu.

    3.      From the Font menu, select 12 pt. Palatino.

    4.      Type your last name and press the space bar once.

    5.      Select Insert Page # from Edit menu. Page # should already be selected in this window. Click OK.

    6.      Change center alignment to right.

    7.      Press Return key 2x’s to enlarge header.

    To Type the Heading:

    1.      Click insertion point at left margin beneath the header box.

    2.      Set the font to 12 pt. Palatino.

    3.      You are now ready to type the heading

    To Position the Title:

    1.      Press the return key after typing the date line of the heading.

    2.      Change the left alignment setting to centered; type your title.

    3.      Press the return key.

    4.      Change alignment setting from centered to left .

    5.      You are now ready to type your text.

    To Save as a Template:

    1.      Select Save As from File menu.

    2.      Type " MLA Template" as the document's title.

    3.      Click on the template bullet.

    4.      Select the destination of the document (your disk or the hard drive of your home computer) and click the Save button.

    To Indent Long Quotations:

    1.      Type entire quote, including necessary documentation, at left margin; indent quote only if the quote itself begins a new paragraph.

    2.      Select (highlight) entire quote.

    3.      Select Paragraph in the Format menu; change left indent to 1 in. Click OK. Click to remove highlighting. Press return.

    4.      Change setting for Paragraph back to 0.

    Works Cited:

    1.      When the text of your paper is complete, select Insert Page Break from Format menu.

    2.      Change left alignment to centered; type the Works Cited title; return setting to left flush.

    3.      The first line of each entry is typed at the margin and additional lines are indented.  Complete the following steps to make these margin adjustments:

    a.      Select Paragraph from the Format menu.

    b.      Change Left indent to .5 and First line to -.5.

    c.      Click OK. The computer will automatically indent the second line of your entry when it wraps around; when you finish the entry, press return °©  °©you will be ready to type the next entry at the left margin.