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I notice I'm not alone on this issue.


I have had to restart the uploading process with match several times now over the last few days.  This is during stage 3 of the matching process.


The whole process is slow enough anyway, and the best result I've has so far is 72 songs uploaded before a hang.  The only way to bypass a hang is to restart the whole process again.  I have some 5,000 songs to upload, and at best this is going to take weeks if not months.  This situation is completely unacceptable.


Apple: Can you acknowledge there is a problem, and that you're working on a solution please?


I have removed all error files.  There are some 15,000 matched files.  There are numerous inelligle files, which is fine I guess because they are marked inelligible. 


I have been using Activity Monitor to watch for the hangs.  But it's **** tedious.





  • johnburgin Level 1 Level 1

    I have been using my friend's cable connection over the weekend without this problem occurring.  It seems to be a network problem with my ISP.  Apologies to Apple xx



  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2
    There are numerous inelligle files, which is fine I guess because they are marked inelligible.

    most music files that are ineligible can be uploaded/matched simply by creating an AAC copy within iTunes and  running "Update iTunes Match".  This works for low-bitrate MP3s, certain fily types iTunes Match just doesn't accept, as well as for very high bitrate AIFFs and some AACs created outside of iTunes.


    I have removed all error files.

    Others who have had hangs of the sort you described have deleted from their library (but not the hard drive) the album that's hanging, restarted iTunes Match and later added it back in.


    I should also point out that if you have certain file types, Apple support documents state that iTunes Match will have iTunes transcode them on-the-fly into a temp AAC file and that's the file that gets uploaded.  So depending on the makeup of your library, some of what appears to be a "hang" could be iTunes chewing on a file to make an AAC prior to uploading it.

  • ronfromwest hollywood Level 1 Level 1


    Can you possibly describe what you mean by network problem?  I am not technical....

    On my computer....... there are 1261 songs that have not uploaded...... it's been on "1 of 1261" for 3 weeks.

    This is after about 6,000 uploaded fine when I first subscribed.    I have restarted...rebooted.......DOZENS of times.

    I am very frustrated and it's hard to fine APPLE support for this.  Very unhappy.


    I have some major issues with Match........   I can no longer sync my pc Itunes playlists to my Iphone...


    I am a musician and I upload projects to my Iphone DAILY so I can listen to projects while I'm on the road......and NONE of NEW recordings from the past 3 weeks have uploaded with Match.   It's ridiculous.


    The rest of my internet appears to be normal and there are no connectivity issues with anything else.


    I'm going back to my old Ipod so I can have some control over my music.



  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2

    there are 1261 songs that have not uploaded...... it's been on "1 of 1261" for 3 weeks.

    Since you said your internet connection appears to be working fine, then being on "1 of 1261" means that there is a problem with one of your files and every time Match starts over, it sees that file first and hangs up.


    There is a way you might be able to determine which file is causing the problem, and I'll post a link for you below.  However, if you feel it's not really something you want to tackle, the next step would be to remove all of the files that have not processed yet and then one batch at a time, add them back in and run Match.  If you have about 1000 tracks left, then you might want to break it down into groups of 250.


    If you want to try it, then what you will want to do is to enable the new view option that is available in iTunes only when Match is turned on.  It's called "iCloud Status"  It will give you a new column and when you sort that column, you will be able to see files that are "waiting"  One or more of these files may be corrupt and that's why you need to remove them from your iTunes library.


    The most difficult part of doing this is that you have to come up with a way to remember what files you are removing from your library so you can add them back in. One way is a little risky, but so long as you don't empty your trash, you should be fine.


    Highlight a group of "waiting" files and hit the delete key.  You will be asked if you want to move them to the trash.  If you say yes, just don't empty the trash. Instead, later open the trash and move the music files to the desktop so you can add them back in.


    I would suggest you delete from your iTunes library half of the waiting files and try to update iTunes Match.  If it works, then you know the problem file is now in the trash.  If it doesn't work, delete half of the remaining "waiting" files and try to update Match again. Once you have got it going, then drag the musi files out of the trash to the desktop and add them back in, maybe 100 at a time and each time run Match.  Eventually you should be able to narrow down the problem file.


    Here's a possible way to identify the actual file that is hanging.  I have not had to use it, but it may save you a lot of time if you feel you can follow his process.


  • ronfromwest hollywood Level 1 Level 1


    This worked.    ONCE.

    I deleted ALL "waiting" files.

    Then restored, from recycle bin, about 100 or so songs..........and Match uploaded them with no problem and at a decent speed.


    Then I did that again...........but now Match is doing the 3 update steps......and then says DONE.  Without adding the newly restored second batch of 100 songs.


    I have tried signing out; signing in;  turning match off and then back on...... but Match just keeps saying DONE without uploading the latest restored batch of songs.


    I guess that means that in the new batch of 100 songs ... there is the "bad file"  ??


    The link you offer has a "monitor" in an incredibly technical lengthy procedure for identifying the bad file.  I am not a technician and I'm not up to that.......I should not have to do something like that in order to successfully use IMatch.   I cannot find this "monitor" anywhere.   This is ridiculous.


    Are you with Apple or just a helpful forum good guy?

    If there is not a more simple solution for this, Imatch is of no value to me.



  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2



    Yes I imagine that you found a bad file the second time you tried it.  Consider that a good thing.  Skip past that batch of files and try another batch.  If you run into another hang, skip that batch too.  It's a painfull process, but if you are managing to get some files uploaded, it's the way to go unless you want to deal with the activity monitor solution, which I admit certainly isn't for everybody.


    No, I'm not with Apple.  You're just talking to a 59 year old guy in Missouri who first worked with Apple products in the 1990's when he was asked to set up an office network.  This is just something I do for fun.

  • ronfromwest hollywood Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks Jim.

    I understand your suggestion........ but that means I am skipping 100 songs (for example) that I want matched... just because one or two of them are "bad"              Again I say.......Apple, that's ridiculous.


    I might try that other solution but as I said I cannot find / see that "monitor" anywhere.  I don't know where it is?


    Thanks again

    (I'm older than you so I probably have less patience and understanding.  haaaaaaaaa)

  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2

    Ron, I'm assuming you are working on a Mac.  The Activity Monitor is in your Utilities folder.  what I do when I want to use it often is to drag it to the dock.


    I do understand that jumping 100 songs at a time is a pain.  What I was getting at is that once you've managed to get most of the tracks in, you can go back and do the remaining ones in something like groups of 50, so eventually you should get it all done.  And if it turns out that only one song is a problem, then you've already narrowed it down to 1 in 100.


    Using Activity monitor might do the trick.  The poster's method seems sound enough, but I have yet to read a posting by someone who has had your problem (and many have had it too), that has been able to identify the problem track that way.  Not saying they haven't made it work, but they haven't gotten back to us to let us know.

  • ronfromwest hollywood Level 1 Level 1

    I should have said at the beginning....... I am on a PC.   Itunes 10.5  Windows 7.  I am not having ANY computer / windows / hard drive / internet problems.


    I'm still missing something in your explanation.    If I narrow it down to only 100 songs......... that still means I cannot upload 100 IMPORTANT songs because Match can't automatically identify the "bad file" for me.


    When you think about Apple.......and how sophisticated and phenomenal their creations are in technology..... it is mindboggling to me that a user can have this problem and Apple does not offer help for it.


    Do you realize that when you go to you cannot find support for Match?  Hello?      Are you kidding me?   I hope you can prove me wrong on that.               The only I found was support for "other" and I sent an email explaining the problem.


    I just can't understand why they are not out in front of this problem with a solution.  A SIMPLE solution.

    Sorry to blab but it's so annoying.   I have been sitting here for over two hours (that's just today) trying to get match to upload more songs.


    I am a songwriter...... when I work on a song on my computer.....I update MY songs DAILY to my Iphone and listen to them at the dog park.   It's a part of my writing procedure.   I do this EVERY DAY.  Now that I've subscribed to Match is NOT uploading MY original explanation....... no help..........  these are simple mp3 files.  Unbelievable.    And I cannot manually add these original songs to my Iphone.


    I'm grouchy.  haaaaaa

    thanks Jim

  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2

    I'm still missing something in your explanation.    If I narrow it down to only 100 songs......... that still means I cannot upload 100 IMPORTANT songs because Match can't automatically identify the "bad file" for me.

    Once you know it's one of 100, you go back to that 100, and try the first 50 (or the last 50).  If those load, you know it's in the other 50.  If they do not, then you know the problem is in the first 50.


    So then you take 25 of the 50 you know has a problem and try those 25.  If that works you know it's in the other 25.  You just keep reducing the number.  I know, I know, what a pain. It's a process of elimination.


    Sorry you're trying to get the name of that one pesky file on a Windows box because I don't have a clue how to do it in Windows.


    Now . . . about being able to load your personal music that is not in the cloud.  You can still do that.  Here is the basics.


    (1) Under the Store menu in iTunes, Turn Off Itunes Match.  At this point what you see in iTunes should be what you are used to seeing - just the music you had on there to begin with.  If you added music from another computer and match was on, you would have been seeing that too until you turned math off.


    (2) Be sure you don't have "automatic sync" turned on in Itunes, because you'll want to manually drag your songs or a playlist to your iPhone


    (2) On the iPhone, go to the settings for your Music App and turn off iTunes Match.


    (3) Hook up he iPhone to your computer the way you always have and drag the music you need to it.


    (4) you can turn Match back on any time you want.  It won't delete the music on your phone, though it will say it' will "replace the library."  It's talking about the song title/track database.


    (5) any time you want to see just what is on the iPhone, not in the cloud, you can go into the music apps settings and toggle the switch that by default shows you both what is in the cloud and what is on the phone.

  • ronfromwest hollywood Level 1 Level 1

    I should have been able to figure this out.   THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!   It does solve a huge part of my aggravation.


    I understand your elimination math......and it's right on........ it just aggravates me (cuz I'm a grouch) that I should need to do something like that for an Apple product.



    I'll let you know if Apple support gives me any solution for this on PC.

    I really appreciate your time and generosity in helping a total stranger.

    Take care


  • Michael Allbritton Level 6 Level 6

    Just be thankful you never had to track down an extension conflict in OS 7.5. Oy! Talk about aggrivation.

  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2

    I'm sorry, wasn't 7.5 about the time Apple told us the OS was "Rock Solid"????

  • JiminMissouri Level 2 Level 2

    I really appreciate your time and generosity in helping a total stranger.

    Oh you're not that strange, Ron! ;-)


    check this out.


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