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I have a very nice calendar app, "Week Calendar". One option is that you can place a badge on the homescreen icon showing the week number, day of week and so on.


After iOS5 it was no longer possible to put such a badge on the icon.


On the homepage of the App, it is explained how to get the badge back after iOS5: http://www.utilitap.com/weekcalendar/faq.php?item=ios5badge


On my iPhone4S the badge was easy to get back following the instructions.


On my iPhone3GS, I can not get past nr 3 on the list, because "week calendar" does not show up under settings-notifications. It is not possible to enable week cal under notifications, there is no trace of this app on the list.


The 3GS is runnning iOS5.0.1 and the app is installed (and in use) on the 3GS.


I have contacted Utilitap, but they have noe idea why the app doesnt show up on the list.


Any ideas?