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I am completely new to itunes, I am trying to prevent every song from syncing to my nano everytime I connect it

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    The best way to do this is probably not to uncheck the tracks, which will cause them not to play in sequence automatically in iTunes, but to set your nano to sync only selected playlists, artists, albums, etc., or set it to manual management and drag over what you want. If you don't know how to do any of that, this tutorial will probably help:





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    BEFORE you attache the iPod The Main thing you need to do set it up NOT to sync automatically:


    A) PART 1. To stop auto sync:

    Go To Preferences (in the Edit Menu)

    From there Select the "Devices" Tab/Icon

    Click the check box "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically"



    breath a sigh of relief, Now you can decide what you want to sync (It is NOT necessary to uncheck everything to prevent syncing everything)



    B) PART 2: set up desired syncing method

    1. Connect your iPod
    2. select the nanos icon in the left sidebar
    3. You'll now see a bunch of tabs "Summary", "Music" etc, look at each one (and be sure to scroll to the bottom) to peruse your options.  SEE COMMENTARY below.
    4. When you have set them as you like them, click sync.


    NOW you can do this each time


    PS: since you have a nano, don't miss the option to compress music to 128bit, this will allow you to store much more music (although it might slow down sync time)



    There are bunch of ways to decide what to sync...

    by artist, Genre etc. BUT I personally reccomend using Playlists as your primary means..  This really gives you the greatest control - you just choose which playlists to sync.


    There are many neat thing you can do. Especially useful "Smart Playlists: For example: Try creating a "Smart Playlist" that automatically includes all songs that have 4 star or better rating. (You can further limit the number of songs & limit to checked songs only. Create a smart playlist that includes only your 25 most recently added songs...


    Stay away from "Manually manage" ... this actually gets confusing... 

    I STRONGLY advise you browse iPod sync support to get a real handle on you options..  This control is actually one of the best reasons to go with an iPod. You'll enjoy it so much more if you understand all you can do...


    PS: Lastly, just to answer your title "How do uncheck all songs"

    1. Select all Songs

          select one song, then hit command-A (Mac)  control-A (Windows)

    2. Right click (MAC/WINDOWS  (or control click on Mac) and choose "uncheck selection"




    Hope this helps - Alix

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    Command/control click on a checked track unchecks all visible tracks, or on an unchecked track checks them all.


    Marginally faster, and it explains why people occasionally find they have unchecked all their tracks by accident while try to select individual items.



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    This is Exactly what I was looking for, Many Thanks for sharing.....!!! 


    I have had my macbook pro for awhile now, but am still not up on all the command key prompts and tricks. 


    Its always nice to learn something new and this saved me a ton of time manually unchecking 3300+ songs....lol.


    Many Thanks Again...!

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    1. Select all Songs

          select one song, then hit command-A (Mac)  control-A (Windows)

    2. Right click (MAC/WINDOWS  (or control click on Mac) and choose "uncheck selection"


    Why don'y the relies answer the question. Frustrating to say the least. The old itunes had much less hidden functions.

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    The best way to check all or uncheck all itunes music selections is to click on edit then, click select all, this will highlight all of your music. Now, while all of your music is highlighted, just right click over the highlighted area and a pop up window will allow you to select or deselect all of your itunes music selections. This is great when you want to play a specific artist or group of songs over and over again.Hope this helps.

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    Excellent,  I came with a need and you had the correct answer

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    You're welcome.