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I downloaded a bunch of Christmas songs from iTunes Match onto my iPad. Now that Christmas is over I want to get them off the iPad to get back the space, but I also want to leave them in the cloud for next year.


I cannot find a way to do this, short of resetting the iPad to factory defaults and starting again. Once it’s downloaded onto the iDevice seems it is there forever.That can’t be right, we all have CDs we listen to a lot and then put back into the collection never to be heard again. There has to be a way to free up the space once you are done with it. Either that or someone has some coding to do.


Surely there has to be a better way?


For the record I did plug it into iTunes, which lets me see the tracks are loaded on the iPad, but does not let me delete them.

iPhone 4, iOS 5
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    If all your wanting to do is delete them off of your ipad and leave them in the cloud, just swipe to the left on the song and you'll see a delete button show up and then just delete them.


    If you've downloaded whole albums just swipe the album under album view and press the delete button that shows up.

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    Thank you, that's very helpful.


    I was able to get this to work for deleting single song, but it simply ignored me when I tried to delete whole albums or artists. As there are many thousands of Christmas tracks, deleting one by one was not an option.


    When I first started to research this I was not able to find any posts on the subject (because I did not know about the left swipe to delete gesture and so did not search for it). Now that I know I found this post which gives a number of different ways to do this:




    At first I tried this option:


    If you are trying to batchdelete all music on an iOS device, it can be done.

    1) Settings > General > Usage
    2) Let the Storage settings load.
    3) Click on Music...on next screen, swipe anddelete.


    That does zap everything, but it suited my purposes. At first I though this was working, lots of tracks started to go back into the cloud (although this does not happen allat once, it seems to do it in the background over a period of time). The usage screen said I had free space on the iPad, but when I plugged it into iTunes the iPad showed as full and the tracks were all still listed under music.


    So I tried this:


    You can turn off iTunesmatch and then sync a very small number of tracks via iTunes, which shouldreplace the downloaded tracks with the synced tracks. Then turn Match back on.It's a pain but that is the only way I have found to mass delete.


    Which did the trick, but is something of a nuclear option.




    Looks like Apple have some work to do here. Deleting a track at a time or everything in one go is too clumsy. You need to be able to delete Albums, Artists or Genres in the sameway you can delete songs. I wish there was a way of reporting bugs like this to Apple, but short of signing up to be a developer, there does not seem to be away. If anyone reading this is a developer, perhaps you can get a paste the text into a bug report.

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    I swipe to the right, not left on the album name and get the delete option. Seems to work.

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    You are correct.  Swipe to left to delete a song and swipe to the right to delete an album.

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    Swiping right or left on songs or albums is not working for me.  Any suggestions?  Do I need to change  something in Setting  first?