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I have 1 song that I just cannot get on iCloud.  I have tried everything... deleted the song and readded I made a mess of my whole library trying to get it added and took me over 2 hours to get everything back how I like it only to see that the song again says it is not elligable.  The frustrating thing is when I look up why this would happen is because the file size is too big which it is not or its too low quality.  But I purchased the album off of iTunes a few years ago... every other song had no problem but this one.  I checked and the song is still available on iTunes.  Any other thoughts? Apple support was less and helpful!

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    The only other thing is if this song is drm protected under a different itunes account that you used to have and it is not associated with the account you are using, in which case i would burn the song to a cd and then rip it back to my computer and it then is drm free and rip it at the right kps.


    the only things I've found that end up not eligible are if the song is under 96kps or if the file size is over 200kilobites.  If your file is 256kps and the file is too big then lower the kps to 128 and see if the file size goes under the 200kbs.  if your song is under 96kps then you will need to get it above 96kps.  .  those are just a few things I would try.

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    That would be 200mb's not 200kb's.  Just wanted to correct that.

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    Thanks for your advice... I started to find a CD to burn the song to but then heard back again from Apple support who gave me a credit to repurchase the song and now it works. 


    Thanks again!