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well i locked my iPod before leaving it to charge(i don't want anyone picking it up and using it) and it does ask you to verify that password TWICE. now, i'm not sure how it happened but apparently the password i thought i had set isn't the password that IS set.. i thought it would just be a pain in the @ss to have to do a restore through iTunes and sync everything back but i've noticed iTunes getting stuck during the restore process when it says "preparing iPod for restore" then i get an error message saying

"The iPod could not be restore. An unknown error occurred (1602)"

my screen stays stuck with the picture of the USB cable pointing to the iTunes logo. I've tried simply putting my iPod into recovery mode first but it never shows up in iTunes at all.

PC - windows 7

iTunes -

iPod touch 4G - iOS5.0.1



Basically i have locked my iPod touch with no way or restoring or even being able to remotely unlocking it from iCloud. Am i really stuck with this?!

iPod touch, iOS 5.0.1