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I don’t know if I put this in the correct community, but if you have any idea of where I shall put it SPEAK NOW.

So here’s the deal: I wanted to watch some movies on my mac and I searched for it on the web. I found a site called cineble.com. I thought it to be a legal alternative to online movie streaming. They advertised with 5 days of free movies, then there was to be a monthly pay. So I ended up with them emptying my mastercard and now my bank and soon my lawyer is involved.

But that is not my point!

Cineble.comis run by iMoviesLtd. And they have scams like cineble.com allover the web. These guys also operate under different names: cinamuse, cinemaden, filmlush, and flixaddict, among others, all have the same ip-address. Still, it is run by iMovies Ltd.

Check out the reviews of the sites here: http://www.trustpilot.com/review/www.cineble.com

So now I’m sitting here with having to pay 100 dollars and I’m really angry. So I thought to let Apple know that there are people exploiting Apples i-names for scams.They should be sued! Reported to the FBI! How do we stop these criminals from taking innocent people’s money? I really don’t know. But I think that it would help to have the world’s largest computer company backing me. After all, they exploit peoples trust in Apple and their i-products by naming themselves iMovies Ltd.

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