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I recently purchased Time Warner Wideband broadband cable for Internet service. 50 Megabit down and 5 Megabit up. When I run the speedtests, I can see the full speed measure, but I stil see issues with browsing and getting connected to VPN.


I had Time Warner Cable come out and replace the router. I still had the same issues after the replacement of the SBG6580 router. There are no updates to the firmware on this router.


I consistently see slow web page loads and problems while on VPN. I found posts on the web saying that this router's firewall was not compatible with Apple's computer products. Even with this firewall turned off inside the router, I still had the same slowness and misc issues.


I finally just changed the router into a gateway using the Rg Passthrough (which automatically turned off the NATP). I added the Time Capsule's MAC ID to the bypass section on the Router. I set up my Time Capsule to act as the main router with a cable running from the Motorola router to the Time Capsule WAN port.


The web pages and VPN are extremely faster. So the root cause is with the Motorola SBG6580 router obviously. I always got the full speed on the web site, but now everything works fine with this change.









iTunes, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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