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I have not personally shifted to running Lion ... I am going to keep SL as my primary.


But my sister-in-law's parents are abandoning their 2006/2007 (could not discover which) Macbook Core2Duo instead of upgrading the memory and HD.


The candidates are 15 in or 17 in MBP ... whichever suits their personal "cost vs screen-size" calculation.


But they live 400 miles away, so I need to start learning Lion so I can help my nephew who is local to them administer the Lion system.


I have a 16 GB thumb drive to make a "local Lion installer", and an 8 GB to start with "portable Recovery Partition".


I am downloading Lion right now ... somewhere between 45 and 60 minutes left.  I will follow Kappy's instructions on copying the InstallESD.dmg onto the 16 GB thumb drive, and install Lion on an external USB 320 GB drive.


The thing that I want to know, as I move into this new world ...


Recovery Partition is "hidden" to DU.  Supposedly even surviving a format by DU.  Sorry for any overlap in the questions ...


1>  Is this true, that the Recovery Partition cannnot be removed permanently by DU format?

2>  Is DU blocked by a built-in "filter" to not kill the Recovery Partition, or what other mechanism prevents it?

3>  If one *wanted* to re-base a disk to SL-only, how would one remove the hidden Recovery Partition?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Macmini 10.6.8
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