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Is there an actual app for Microsoft word on iPad

iPhone 4, iOS 5.0.1
  • PogoPossum Level 4 Level 4 (2,505 points)

    No, although some tech sites have claimed that Microsoft "might" be working on it.


    There are a number of other solutions. Apple's own word processor (Words) has an iPad app; there are a number of 3rd-party apps including QuickOffice, Office^2, and (my choice) Documents To Go.

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    Apples word processor is called Pages - it's available for the iPad from the Appstore and it's very inexpensive.  Microsoft *is* apparently working on Office for iOS.

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    D'oh - knew that didn't sound right (Words vs Pages) - brain freeze.


    None of these apps are very expensive - but you can get a complete office suite (DTG, etc) for less than all 3 of the iWork apps, if you (the OP) are interested in that. I've never used Pages, but some people claim that it doesn't do as good a job with Word docs as the 3rd party suites, for what it's worth - you'd have to read the reviews and do some searching on this forum to get more info.


    I've read that about MS as well, but the difference between "apparently is" and "might be" is fairly small... they haven't confirmed anything beyond that they are working on some apps for the iPad - they've already released OneNote.

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    If you have simple word processing needs, you can also use Google Docs. It's completely free. Just a suggestion; it might not be what you need.

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    I have the whole iWork for iPad 'selection' and i would highly reccomend it. First, Its very powerful, and it is compatable with iCloud, so you can have all of your documents in one place.

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    I found it sorta clunky on the iPad, however... but there's never any harm in trying free. If I need to edit a Google Doc, I've been editing it in Documents to Go (the premium version allows syncing with cloud apps including Google Docs) - unfortunately, it loses the comment feature there.

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    I've bought "Keynote" for 9.99 $. I think it's better than "PowerPoint".

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    I'd agree... but the poster was asking about Word, not PowerPoint. 

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    Download CloudOn from iTunes. It is FREE and it allows you to save MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint docs to Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box and open them on your iPad with a virtual version of MS Office 2010. This is the greatest thing I could have asked for! The best part is that you have access to these documents on your home computer and iPad because it automatically saves in both places when you make changes. AMAZING!

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    To follow up on what Pogo said, I've used Quick Office Pro HD and it works well.  I think it would be a mistake to imagine you could create complicated word documents, currently, from an iOS device, but for basic edits and document creation, it works great.