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I've got a bit of troubles with iTunes Match, some more annoying than others... Of course like everyone some of my songs were uploaded instead of matched (but not that much) but I can live with that. I have 2 other problems though that bother me more:

- one is  the fact that some songs were wrongly matched, so I get another version of the song that don't fit with the album I'm having (for example the Pulse Live from the Pink Floyd, some songs seem to come from another live and the whole album is then worthless)

- another one is that gapless information seems not to be synchronized, so all the albums that I've downloaded from iCloud and that should be gapless are just not listenable.


Anyone else experiencing this?

Any tips?

MacBook Air, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    I added about 75 songs that I downloaded from another site..When I turn iTunes on it runs through looking for gappless info on those songs... I will have to check out my Pink Floyd Pulse recording to see if it matched...

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    Well you should definitely check. The Pulse Live doesn't work for me, neither Dark Side of the Moon. On the Pulse, Time was wrongly matched and I've just discovered that I Might Be Wrong is mismatched also on the Radiohead's album (the album is live, the version given is not even live and is the electro-version, nothing related, really weird). Gapless doesn't work for this one neither.


    Most of the times gapless on the mac though, but not on the iPhone. I feel like my library has been ****** up. Fortunately I made a back up.

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    Ok, I think I've found a way to make the gapless work again. What I did before was running iTunes Match on my library. For everything that matched and that was under 256k on my computer, I deleted the songs locally but kept the iCloud version, and then downloaded the iCloud version. The problem by doing this is that the gapless information is not recalculated (I guess) and stick with the new songs and of course there's a delay. The solution is then to remove those downloaded files from the library and to add them again. The gapless is recalculated, and it works fine again (at least in iTunes, haven't tried on the iPhone). The only disadvantage is that play counts and ratings are lost.

    I'd rather have my gapless than ratings and play count but Apple ****** up on this one, some people are gonna get really ******-off. I am already because I have to spend a day on that and I don't really want, but listening to the Pink Floyd with gap is just unbearable lol.


    I'll try with the iPhone sync later but I think through iTunes Match, it's not gonna work, coz the gapless info is not sync through iCloud which is again a really big miss from Apple. Weird the ****** up that big.

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    Hey David,


    I've done some more tests and I've finally nailed it down. You're gonna have the problem also on your iPhone/iPad. What's happening here is that you add new files to your library and the gapless information is calculated. When those songs are 'matched', the versions you're gonna get on your devices are gonna be different from the ones on your computer but the gapless information is gonna be the same, so of course it's not gonna work. The solution is to delete the files from your library locally, but to keep them in iCloud first. Once this is done, you can download the iTunes Store version of the songs, then you'll end up with the same on your devices and your computer. But doing this will not trigger the gapless information calculation. To do it, you have to the files locally AND from iCloud. The songs entries have to disappear completely from iTunes. That is stupid because you're gonna lose the ratings and the play counts, but it's the only way to get the gapless information correct. Then you add back the files, and run iTunes Match. Your information is gonna sent to Apple, and when you download the songs on your devices, gapless is working flawlessly.


    It should help.

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    I am having the gapless problem too.  I sat down to listen to Pink Floyd "Dark Side of the Moon" and there are gaps there on my iPhone.

    I am afraid, godbout, that I don't understand your suggestion.  Could you explain the process to get gapless working with Match?

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    Hi Michael,


    The final point for me was to remove everything from my library and to add back my stuff. Then the gapless information was recalculated and sent correctly to iTunes Match. But Apple released iTunes 10.6, you should try it first, maybe it solved the issue and you don't have to follow the step above (which will remove your ratings and play counts).


    Hope this helps!

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    The problem only seems to happen on my iPhone.  I have my work PC tied to my iTunes Match account.  None of the music is stored on it.  When I listened to that album at work, which is basically just streaming, the gaps are gone.  They are gone on my main Mac too.  They only happen on the iPhone.