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Please discuss.



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Have no idea what you want to discuss, if your phone is locked to AT&T, it's really simple: you can't.

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    If you are asking how to manually change the iPhone 4S from 3G to Edge, it cannot be done.

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    That's exactly what I'm trying to figure out. It's too bad the manual network selection has been disabled on the 4S, it's pretty much rendered my phone useless at my house now.


    I read somewhere online if you synced in itunes an older 3G iPhone with the manual network switch turned to GSM only then backed up the 4S from those 3G settings it would work although I have not tried this yet.


    Thanks for the reply.

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    The option may appear. I've heard of people getting it to show up. It is temporary, however, and doesn't actually work. The chipset in the 4S does not allow for manually switching off 3G in favor of Edge.


    Maybe you should consider getting a Microcell from AT&T. If coverage at your house is really that bad, they may give you one for nothing if you threaten to switch to a new carrier.

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    Thanks for your reply.


    I've had a Microcell, it's a horrible product that I ended up simply throwing away as I didn't want some other poor soul to go through the pain I had.  Your phone does show full signal with the Microcell but the call processing end of things was worse than with no M-cell.


    I spoke with an ATT RF engineer the other day and was informed the engineers get penalized when devices in their region are on GSM and not WCDMA/3G, this is to assure full network 3G coverage.  Unfortunately this is nowhere near the end users experience in my area...

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    That hasn't been my experience with a microcell from AT&T. We got my mother one free of charge the last time her contract was up by threatening to cancel their service and move to a competitor if they didn't give it to her outright as she has absolutely no signal in her house at all. She is in a very small dead zone in an area that AT&T claims has 3G coverage. Since setting it up, it's worked like a dream.

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    It's more of a network problem in my case.  I had a microcell in a previous location that I lived where I was on the edge of coverage.  It was given to me for free as with your mother but did not come close to yielding the same results.


    My current situation is not one with coverage (3 to 4 bars) but due to sub-par network perfromance.  I'll get about 10-20% of my calls to go through, missed emails and texts that show up hours after they were sent.  This was never a problem with my 3GS iphone as I simply left it on 2G when at home. 


    I believe the issue is with 1 of 2 things:


    1) uplink - downlink imbalance

    2) pilot beacon interference


    To get ATT to fix these issues at my serving cell would be next to impossible.


    This is a product of a poor ATT 3G network but also a bad reflection on Apple and their iPhone as my wife has a Blackberry and does not experience the same problems.

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    @Kilted Tim, that is interesting to know about the chipset not allowing the iPhone 4S to manually switch networks.  On my 3GS, I have that option, switching from 3G to EDGE.  The 3G network is still spotty, at least in PA area.  EDGE does give me better battery usage over 3G.  @donfromduvall, engineers get penalized?  That is a little out of their control, I would think, regarding what network a subscriber is using.