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  • tjkraz Level 1 Level 1

    Same problems here.  Trying to watch Celtics / Nets.  Buffering constantly and unwatchable. 


    Pulled up league pass broadband on my Macbook Pro and it works fine.  Immediate stream and great picture.  Apple TV gives pretty much same result as others are reporting.  Stream will start almost immediately and run for maybe 20 seconds.  Then it locks and seemingly buffers for anywhere from a minute to five minutes. 


    Internet speed should not be a problem.  Wifi speed and connection quality should not be a problem.  Netflix and other streaming on ATV2 works flawlessly. 


    This smells like an ATV problem to me.  I'm a newbie when it comes to Apple support.  What can I do in terms of contacting them to add my voice to those complaining? 

  • rodotech Level 1 Level 1

    In case anyone is wondering, I have a Roku 2 XS and the buffering problem also makes watching NBA League Pass unbearable.

  • Larrylenexa Level 1 Level 1

    Here is my chat with leaguepass.  They seem to know it's a problem but are suggesting it's a problem with our bandwidth.  Unfortunatley the rep seemed unfamiliar with ATV which you would think would be a part of their training. 

    [08:41 PM] CSR_Angie:Thank you for contacting LeaguePass Support. My name is Angie. How can I assist you today?
    [08:42 PM] Larry:ok
    [08:42 PM] Larry:back
    [08:42 PM] Larry:trying to watch on ATV2
    [08:42 PM] Larry:great bandwidth
    [08:42 PM] Larry:other devices work fine
    [08:43 PM] Larry:but leaguepass is buffering all of the time making the game unwatchable
    [08:43 PM] Larry:This is my 3rd game to watch
    [08:43 PM] Larry:same experience on all the games
    [08:43 PM] Larry:see many others commenting online with similar problems
    [08:43 PM] Larry:hoping you have a fix for me
    [08:44 PM] CSR_Angie:I understand how this could be confusing and I will be happy to assist you today.
    [08:44 PM] Larry:not confusing, frustrating
    [08:45 PM] CSR_Angie:I am sorry, was trying to keep up with you and I think I got confused.
    [08:45 PM] CSR_Angie:What is the experience you are having?
    [08:45 PM] Larry:trying to watch on ATV2
    [08:45 PM] Larry:I have great bandwidth
    [08:46 PM] Larry:my other devices stream video content fine
    [08:46 PM] Larry:but not league pass
    [08:46 PM] Larry:it is buffering all of the time making the game unwatchable
    [08:47 PM] Larry:I see many others posting online that they have similar issues.
    [08:47 PM] Larry:O
    [08:47 PM] Larry:I'm hoping there is a solution
    [08:47 PM] CSR_Angie:Have you made sure your ATV2 is updated and the app itself is updated?
    [08:48 PM] Larry:checked ATV2 and is up to date
    [08:48 PM] Larry:how do I update the app itself?
    [08:48 PM] CSR_Angie:Uninstall and reinstall it.
    [08:48 PM] Larry:??
    [08:49 PM] Larry:you'll have to be more specific
    [08:49 PM] CSR_Angie:The update should be in the market.
    [08:49 PM] Larry:don't see that as an option on my apple tv 2
    [08:49 PM] Larry:Are you saying if the ATV2 firmware is up to date that there is a different update for leaguepass?
    [08:50 PM] CSR_Angie:Is the NBA gametime app 2.2.
    [08:51 PM] Larry:You realize I'm talking about an Apple TV?
    [08:51 PM] Larry:not a computer
    [08:52 PM] CSR_Angie:The Apple TV 2 NBA Game Time app is located in the Internet SubMenu, did you download the latest version for this year or are you still using last year's version?
    [08:53 PM] CSR_Angie:Additionally are you using a wireless or wired internet connection?
    [08:53 PM] Larry:ok, I'm at a loss, teach me how to download this years version. I don't see it in settings anywhere
    [08:54 PM] CSR_Angie:What do you currently see?
    [08:55 PM] Larry:I've looked at settings under the NBA gametime app in the ATV2 and in the general settings of the ATV2
    [08:55 PM] CSR_Angie:When did you download the app?
    [08:55 PM] Larry:In the NBA app it just has a sign in/out menu item and an option to hide the scores
    [08:56 PM] Larry:I never downloaded the app. It came with my ATV2
    [08:57 PM] Larry:I assume that when the software on my ATV2 is updated it updates this too
    [08:57 PM] CSR_Angie:Okay, it may have automatically updated, are you currently on a wired or wireless connection?
    [08:57 PM] Larry:done both


    [08:57 PM] Larry:currently it is wireless
    [08:58 PM] Larryit is a wireless n router 4 feet from the ATV


    [08:59 PM] Larry:stream other video content all the time to the ATV2 including HD movies with no problem
    [09:01 PM] CSR_Angie:To verify, you definitely have 3.2 Mbps internet connection streaming to the Apple TV even on wireless correct?
    [09:02 PM] Larry:that and much more
    [09:02 PM] Larry:have 15 coming to the house
    [09:02 PM] Larry:tested it 2 nights ago when I was having trouble and am getting all 15
    [09:02 PM] Larry:that over the same wireless router
    [09:04 PM] Larry:just tested it. It is at 12.35 Mbps for download time
    [09:07 PM] Larry:We stream content from netflix to appletv2 all of the time with no problem
    [09:08 PM] Larry:even with a much higher picture quality than we are currently receiving on the leaguepass and with out the constant buffering.
    [09:09 PM] Larry:Angie? Still with me?
    [09:10 PM] CSR_Angie:I was trying to check anything in our database, however I am not seeing what could be causing this if you have the latest OS update and a stable internet connection. I would suggest submitting a ticket at so it can be forwarded to the developers to research a resolution for this issue.
    [09:10 PM] CSR_Angie:I apologize for any inconvenience.
    [09:11 PM] Larry:aren't you the leaguepass support?
    [09:11 PM] Larry:There are posts all over the internet about this problem
    [09:12 PM] Larry:I would think this problem should be well documented in your database by now.
    [09:14 PM] CSR_Angie:I understand, however we are mainly support for the League Pass Broadband over the computer. We only have basic troubleshooting for the connected devices. The ticketing system will send your concern to headquarters. They are reviewing if there is an issue currently, but generally since the issue is on wireless, they have not determined that there is an issue with the product itself and believe it is an issue with the Apple TV or the router system.
    [09:15 PM] Larry:Can't you forward this to your HQ for me. I bet they like you better than me.
    [09:16 PM] CSR_Angie:I am forward this information if you would prefer.
    [09:16 PM] Larry:Are you saying they know it's an issue but are pointing the finger at apple?
    [09:16 PM] Larry:who's router system? mine?
    [09:17 PM] CSR_Angie:I am not saying that at all. When tested it works completely fine on wired connections so our headquarters believe it is the customers' internet connection not being broadband.
    [09:18 PM] Larry:just tested it. My wireless connection is 12.35 Mbps
    [09:18 PM] CSR_Angie:I understand, I was simply advising of what I had previously mentioned since you requested me to repeat myself.
    [09:18 PM] CSR_Angie:I have documented the concern and it will be handled internally.
    [09:19 PM] Larry:right
    [09:19 PM] CSR_Angie:Is there anything else I can do for you today?
    [09:19 PM] Larry:ok, can you have them send me a solution when they have it fixed?
    [09:20 PM] CSR_Angie:I will have them send you an email back yes.
    [09:20 PM] Larry:Thanks Angie, I appreciate it
    [09:21 PM] CSR_Angie:Thank you for contacting LeaguePass Support. Again, my name is Angie. Have a great day, enjoy the 2012 NBA season.
    [09:21 PM] Larry:If there is no solution forthcoming in a reasonable amount of time do I get a refund?
    [09:22 PM] CSR_Angie:Yes, if a tech issue has not been resolved, we will provide a refund.
    [09:23 PM] Larry:Thanks
    [09:23 PM] CSR_Angie:Have a great evening.
    [09:23 PM] Larry:you too
    [09:23 PM] Larry:bye
  • tjkraz Level 1 Level 1

    Thanks for posting your exchange.  I just opened a support ticket of my own with NBA broadband.  Strength in numbers....hopefully. 

  • Rod410 Level 1 Level 1

    im surprised you got someone to answer your chat request. everytime I try to chat or send a ticket I never get a reponse. i just finally gave up and said that they can keep my money. I just know not to subscribe to league pass next year.

  • Ruffrider Level 1 Level 1

    I haven't been able to ever reach a chat rep for support, but I sent them an email that basically is giving them the same information that I gave in the original post when I started this discussion. This was their response:


    "Dear Mobile Customer,


    The sign-in issue for League Pass Broadband customers has been fixed.


    Please attempt to login again and let us know if you continue to have a problem.


    NOTE: If you purchased League Pass through your mobile device, you do not need to enter credentials. If you cleared your credentials, delete and re-install the app using the same purchase account. You should be able to view all features included in your subscription.


    Thank you


    Member Services

    NBA League Pass Broadband"


    They didn't even acknowledge what I was complaining about...

  • keith130 Level 1 Level 1

    I'm having the same issues outlined above.  To me this appears to be an Apple TV issue, as the broadband streaming works fine on my PC laptop and on my wife's Macbook.  That would say to me that the wireless speed isn't the issue.


    It is frustrating and the games aren't watchable whatsoever.


    Also the blackout rules suck, but from what I can tell that's not Apple TV's thing, that's the NBA.  I don't have cable, and I live in DC, so I picked the Wizards as one of the five teams I wanted to see.  Turns out every Wizards game is broadcast on a local cable network so every Wizards game will be blocked out for me on the broadband package.  Any game broadcast nationally on cable (NBA TV, ESPN or TNT) will be blacked out too.  (Though ESPN generally streams through ESPN3, not sure of their blackout rules.)


    All said, completely dissapointed with both Apple and the NBA,

  • Rod410 Level 1 Level 1

    i finally got my refund for the NBA league pass today after sending complaint after complaint to the nba. its really not worth it.

  • Ruffrider Level 1 Level 1

    I have given up on using League Pass with Apple TV and am just going to pay for it through the cable company. At least I'll be able to enjoy some games. Very frustrating that the only reason I purchase an AppleTV doesn't even function. Maybe next year....

  • srebe Level 1 Level 1

    I'm in NJ and have Comcast's Blast service, and have exactly the same problem. Glad to know it's not just me. I did a chat with and NBA LP rep who told me to refer the problem to Comcast or Apple (I do have the latest software on the ATV). I've had Comcast here twice, they swapped my cable modem, and they showed me on the meter that I was getting 25 MBPS which should be plenty. I also tried hooking ethernet directly to the Comcast modem from the ATV and had stops and buffering just like with my wired network. It's been unwatchable, nothing like MLB all summer which was smooth as silk. Also the MLB broadcasts were markedly crisp HD looking, while the NBA broadcasts look heavily compressed and un-sharp.


    Re: streaming on an iPad or computer, I would guess those are receiving a smaller signal for the lower res screen, just as Apple knows to stream a smaller version of a movie to an iPhone or iPad vs. what they stream to an ATV, so that might account for the better experiences.


    I've considered upgrading my wireless router to a dual band router, but I don't know that would make a difference since direct ethernet still caused a constantly buffering video experience.


    I have noticed that archived games watched during the day seem to stream much more smoothly with hardly any stopping, so maybe the NBA is having streaming server issues with live games and at night, but just guessing.

  • srebe Level 1 Level 1

    Just a followup that I went to my League Pass subscription information and saw a link to "Cancel Subscription". Between the stopping/buffering and the poor quality of the feed to the ATV I decided this would be the best solution so I clicked the button and my subscription was instantly cancelled - but nothing indicated whether I was getting a refund (I signed up a little over 2 weeks ago, on 12/25). So I initiated a chat session (was #1 at 4PM and the rep got online at 4:20PM). I wrote that due to being very unhappy with the service and unresolvable streaming problems that I cancelled my subscription and wanted to make sure I got a refund. Rep replied: "Due to the circumstances, as a goodwill gesture, I will waive the terms of service that you agreed to and will refund the charge this once. It will be canceled and no further access will be provided." I do appreciate the refund, though I think if I hadn't had one previous chat session on record, and hadn't already cancelled the subscription, I may have had a lengthy "customer retention" discussion.


    Hopefully the NBA will get their act together by the 2012-2013 season. I truly believe the problem is their HD feed to the Apple TV. This is the first glitch since cutting the cord on cable TV last June, everything else (ATV + HD antenna in attic) are working great for the whole household.

  • shakazulu12 Level 1 Level 1

    I cancelled my service just now as well.  I simply opened a chat and advised that it was un-watchable on Apple TV.  The rep immediately responded by stating the account was cancelled and apologized for the service. 

  • coralvillespur Level 1 Level 1

    Sitting here trying to watch the Spurs game. So far the signal has stopped 128 times. Oops, 129 times. Can download everthing else on Apple TV with no problems. Oops,130 times. NBA doesn't need any more disgruntled customers. First, the NBA needs to come clean and admit they have a problem! Oops, 131 times. Maybe it will take a class action lawsuit before they quit cheating and lying to their supporters. Oops, 132 times. Their product does not perform as advertised. They promised somethng big was coming and they were correct. Good job of fleecing their loyal supporters. If they don't come clean or fix the problem soon they will loose every game.

  • mykelreyes Level 1 Level 1

    Like you guys


    I also experience the same buffering issue on both Apple TV and my Roku.  I got a wired connection, with great internet.  My solution connect your laptop to your big screen TV.  It is better experience you can watch 4 games all the same time. You got PIP too.  NBA TV on ATV2. Is great for games that you miss to watch.  It works better watching a replay games than the live games.  For what I reason I dont know.  But it is the same problem with my roku too.  But I hope NBA get this one fix.

  • cidertech Level 1 Level 1

    I been trying to get a refund for the longest time... no luck. I just want my money back so I can put it towards my cable.