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heatherfrombroadbeach Level 1 (15 points)

Hi safari has become quite slow.  I have already used Settings to clear history, cookies etc.  I think a reboot might be the way to go.  I know I need to hold down the home button and the on off switch for about 10 sec and ignore the slider button.  Then what?  Should I wait any period of time?  And I assume I then just turn it back on as normal.  apologies for such a basic question.

iPad 2
  • King_Penguin Level 10 (116,920 points)

    If you press and hold the two buttons for 10 to 15 seconds (ignoring the red slider) you should then get the Apple logo appear - when it does appear you can release the two buttons as it has started re-booting, and you should then get back to the iPad's homescreen.

  • paulfromathens Level 2 (355 points)

    There are two way to restart an ipad, a soft method


    1 - press and hold the top button and then swipe to power off (this will gracefully put it into hybernation)

    2 - press and hold the top button and the home button to reset (this is an ungraceful way to restart the device and may forget last things you have done).


    the best option is always to go to the multitasking page (double tap the home button), then press and hold one of the icons till they start wiggling, then tap on all the minus signs in the little red circle, untill all the apps have been unloaded from memory, then do a press and hold then slide to power off.

    This method is least likely to cause corruption on your device.

  • heatherfrombroadbeach Level 1 (15 points)

    Thanks king penguin, I went with your option. Safari seems to have improved.  Only a few months in with all things iPad, and am always a bit worried about breaking something hence the question.  But this was all good.

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    With Safari on your device, make sure your not always having the maximum number of webpages open, you can see this by the numbers circle icon on the page.

    You will only be able to open a maximum of 9 seperate pages at one time, and each page will increase the memory requirement of the app.

    I have found keeping the number of pages open down increase the speed of safari aswell.

    To close them you can tap on the numbered icon and then you can tap on the x in the red circle to close that page (tab if you like).

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    If you are on iOS 5 then you have tabbed browsing on Safari and not the thumbnail/paged browsing as on previous iOS versions (and you therefore don't get the 'page' icon) - you can close the currently selected tab by tapping the 'x' on the left-end of the tab