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I've read several threds from users asking how to remove songs from the iPad 1.0, but have not found anyone with the symptoms mine has.


For some unknown reason, the checkbox next to each song to remove them from the iPad is disabled.


My latest attempt at removing all of the music was to tell iTunes to "Sync Music" with "Entire Music Library' selected.  That caused iTunes to push all 2700+ songs to the iPad.  I checked to see if I could remove the songs from the iPad by de-selecting the checkbox, but the checkbox was still disabled.


So I told iTunes to stop syncing Music.  I acknowledged the warning message that this would remove all songs from the iPad.  Perfect - remove everything and I'll manually add the songs I want to put back on.  However, the results were not what was intended... I am back to where I started:


When I open "Music" on my iPad, it shows lots of albums and songs (over 2700).

When I view my iPad using iTunes, "Sync Music" is disabled and the capacity indicator shows 11.1GB of space allocated to audio files.

When I view my iPad's Music folder using iTunes, it shows only 3 albums.


At this point, I am thinking my only option is to wipe the iPad and manually add everything back on.  I'd rather not do that... but am out of options I can think of.

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    Another symptom that might help the diagnosis...

    When viewing the Music contents on the iPad directly, when viewing by Artist, it shows I have "19 songs, 1 album" for ABBA.  If I tell iTunes to sync that artist to the iPad, the iPad then tells me "38 songs, 1 album".  Removing the artist from the synch list, changes it back to "19 songs, 1 album".


    Any advice appreciated...

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    I cannot delete music from my iPad2.  I've gone into iTunes and selected to manually manage my music.  When I click on my iPad and then MUSIC, I don't see any songs listed.  When I look at my iPad itself under usic there are a ton there.  I just want to keep my iPad free of music.  I don't need my music on my phone and my iPOD (yes, I still use an iPOD and I still like my music SEPARATE.)





    PS:  I'm using iTune

    iTunes software and iPad software up-to-date