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Very strange behavior of late.  I have comcast modem and Time Capsule at home.  We have two macbook pros, two iphones and an ipad.  one macbook pro, iphones and ipad all connect to the network and internet with no issues.  The second Macbook pro connects to the network, but never gets mail or loads safari.  I do not get a message telling me I am not connected to the internet.  In order to bring back the internet, I need to reboot the computer.


I have reset the PRAM, repaired permissions, set my network as the only network, airport is first on the list, unchecked the "ask to join new networks" box and at one time trashed the sytem pref file suggested.


The computer works fine on any other network. 


I get the feeling that the comcast modem is not working properly or somehow DHCP is not working on my computer.  Although the first is confusing as the other devices work fine.  The other laptop is running lion and all iphones and ipads are up to date.


I am out of new things to try and quite frustrated.


any help would be great.



MacBook, Mac OS X (10.6.8), intel core duo