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I just bought a recent (2011) Mac Mini to connect to my HDTV. I have done so with the HDMI socket built-in and it works fine with the HDMI to HDMI cable. Now, I have also an surround amplifier connected to the HDTV and I would like to use the Mini Display Port in the Mac Mini to connect the Mac Mini to the amplifier. I have bought a Moshi Mini DP to HDMI adapter and another HDMI to HDMI cable to connect the Mini DP socket in the HDMI socket in the amplifier.

However, it does not work; no signal comes out from the Mini Display Port. It is not the cable nor the Moshi adapter, as I have already used it with an MacBook pro 15" to connect it directly to the HDMI socket in the HDTV and it works fine.

So, in few words, it seems my Mini Display Port outgoing socket from the Mac Mini is not working.

I have also tried to connect the MiniDisplay Port socket from the Mac Mini with the Moshi MDP to HDMI adapter and the HDMI to HDMI cable directly to the HDMI socket in the HDTV, and unfortunately it does not work. It seems that using two different outgoing sockets (HDMI and MDP) from the Mac Mini is not technically possible.

Would any of you have experienced similar problems, and possibly come out with a workable solution?

That would be great, thanks.

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    If your sorround system supports Optial Digital input, then you could also use a Toslink cable from the Mini's Optical Digital audio output/Headphone output jack to the surround system.


    NewerTech CBLAOPTMT Toslink to Mini Toslink Optical... in stock at OWC

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    Thank you very much. It is a helpful answer as it will help me with the sound; I will have to check it using the Toslink cable via the Headphone socket (as my Mac mini does not an optical out) and will let you know.

    However, it does not solve the real problem beneath, which is why would the Mini Display port (Thunderbolt) from the Mac mini not emit any signal out. If that is the case, how would I connect a Display? I do it now via HDMI to HDMI directly, but I have to find out how to do it with the Mini Display Port to HDMI.

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    Hi there again; I forgot to mention that my amplifier supports both image and sound (i.e., it has 3 HDMIs connections), and I am looking to connect the Mac mini to one of those HDMI in (via the Mini Display Port-Moshi adapter- HDMI cable) so that both image and sound travel together.

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    Can I ask why you don't connect the Mac Mini to your amplifier via the HDMI port which carries both video and sound, and then, to your TV from the amplifier HDMI out?

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    Thanks also for your help.

    Yes, I can connect the Mac Mini to the amplifier via HDMI port, and then from the amplifier via the HDMI port out to the TV. It works well. But the problem still persists because there is no signal coming out from the Thunderbolt/Mini display port in the Mac mini, and I cannot connect anything to that port. Indeed I have searched in "Apple Menu>About this Mac>more info>Hardware>Thunderbolt" and although the Moshi adapter-HDMI cable is connected to the TV in another HDMI in port, it shows that "there is no device connected to the Thunderbolt", which is what puzzles me. I am not sure whether it is that the firmware the Mac mini has does not support the Moshi adapter to HDMI. I have a Macmini 5.2; the Thunderbolt firmware version is 22.2, and it shows: "Port. Status: no device connected; Link status, 7; firmware version of the microcontroller of port: 2.0.7" What all this means, I have no clue.

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    Try going to: System Preferences / Sound / Output and see if you can't select the connection that you want the Audio to go out thru.




    Yes it does support Optical Digital output, all the newer Mac's support Digital at there Audio input and output jacks.


    Check the Audio specs @  Apple - Mac mini - Technical Specifications


    Screen shot 2012-01-01 at 6.53.59 PM.jpg

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    Thanks for your help den.thed. The problem is that I cannot see anything in my screen when I plug the thunderbolt connection and use it, and therefore I cannot modify the sound settings (I mean, using my Thunderbolt connection at the Mc mini). I have uploaded the latest software available from Apple, but still the same problem continues.

    As for the Moshi adapter, it works properly as I also use he same Moshi adapter to connect my Mac Book Pro to the same HDTV, and it goes fine. Therefore my concern is not anymore the surround amplifier, but the Thunderbolt/Mini display Port connection in the Mc mini itself. Is there any way to try and see whether any signal comes out of it? (May be connecting directly a Thunderbolt application/display)? Or through software testing?