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I am new at Mac and Keynote and you people always come to my rescue. I am making a presentation in Keynote and I need to show a reset of an item in a fire alarm box. I have photos of it in the normal  (set) position and photos of it in the trip position which is about a 70 degree angle from the horizontal set position. Is there a way that I can animate the reset from the 70 degree position back to the horizontal 90 degree position with a counter clockwise motion?

Thansk in advance.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
  • John De Banzie Level 2 Level 2 (460 points)

    Could you post the pictures? It might help in coming up with possible solutions.

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    John, I tried but this page won't take the photos, it states that they are to large? They are only around 700kb, got me?

  • John De Banzie Level 2 Level 2 (460 points)

    OK, maybe these ideas will help. They won't give movie-like animation of the reset, but they might be good enough.


    1: Put the before picture on top of the after picture. Go to the Build Inspector and set the before picture to "build out" using "dissolve" and the after picture to "build in" using "dissolve". Have the first build happen "on click" and the second build happen "automatically with build 1". Depending on what the pictures look like, a "wipe" in the direction of movement might work better than "dissolve". Experiment!


    2: Combine the above with an arrow that illustrates the movement. Have the arrow "build in" with a "wipe" in the direction of movement.


    3: Make a diagram of the switch using Keynote shapes. Make it the same size as the photos. Dissolve from the before photo to the diagram. Animate the diagram using "actions" in the Build Inspector (probably "rotate"). Dissolve from the diagram to the after photo.


    I hope this gives you something to work with. My apologies if it is too simplistic!

  • rodgerb4 Level 1 Level 1 (40 points)

    Sorry for the delay and I do appreciate the help. I tried your suggestion and it does work. I do get some blue lines around the photos as an outline, Something that I am doing wrong at thsi end. But your suggestion accomplishes what I need to do. Still workin on it.