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hi im really stuck with the error :Couldn’t modify partition map because file system verification failed.

i want to create a snow leapord partition so i can play power pc games mainly for age of empires 2 as it no longer supported in lion

i have a 13" macbook pro 2010 model (the one before thunderbolt) which had snow leapord on then when lion came out i upgraded to lion and since then i cant create partitions anymore i have tryed opening disk utility and repair disk and verify but it always comes up with ok?

i have the snow leapord cds what come with the laptop but no lion cd as it was brought through the app market,

hope some one can help really would like to get this fixed as i might need windows 7 partition soon aswell.

thanks luke

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    You need to start from the Recovery HD and run Repair Disk on your internal HD.  See #6 in Using Disk Utility, especially the yellow box.

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    Thanks alot for ur help that was spot on i was tryin to do it when i was logged in .

    Hi also could u help me with another problem im trying to install snow leapard on my lion based os so i can dual boot but i had a look around and people sayig about making a bootable usb i hve made one and put the .dmg disk on the usb stick via the disk utility and it is the guid partision but my mac wont boot from it can u help please ? Many thanks luke

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    You're trying to make a Lion Install disc or partition?  If so, see Making a Lion Install disc or partition.


    If you want a Snow Leopard Install disc, you have to purchase one.  Apple has them for $29.  You can copy that to an external HD, etc., but not via drag and drop -- you have to use the Restore tab of Disk Utility, or the 3rd-party CarbonCopyCloner or SuperDuper apps.

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    Yh i have got the software disk as my mac was snow lepard when i got it ad then i brought the lion update throught the app store and then i relised some of my games wouldnt work so

    What i have done so far is

    Created a partision on my harddrice of mac thanks your  help

    Create a image of the snow L

    Then made my usb stick a guid formatt it

    Then used the snow L .dmg file ad the sorce

    Then made the usb stick the destination then click restore

    Then shut doen the macbook pro and help option then see my memory stick and clicked on it it loads for a little bit with a spinning wheel then it come up with a circle with a line through it where te apple sign would be


    And now im stuck should i do it a diffent way ? I dont have any other macs to be able to do this thats why im using a usb stick hope u can help thanks luke

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    Sorry, but I'm confused.


    Are you trying to Install Snow Leopard on the new partition of your internal HD? If so, do that directly from the Snow Leopard Install disc.  See the REINSTALLING OSX section of the pink box in Installing the ''combo'' update and/or Reinstalling OSX.


    If you're trying to copy the Snow Leoaprd Install disc, just copy it to the USB stick, with the Restore tab of Disk Utility.

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    what i have done is created a partision on my internal mac hardrive so i can dual boot snow L as i want to play the games on my macbook and lion does not support them

    but i cant directly install snow leadpard on my hardrive as it wont let me as im running lion so i was trying to find a way of installing snow L on my partioned harddive ive made for it,

    thats why im trying to create a usb stick to install snow leapord on my other partiosion or can you not do it ? many thanks luke hope you can help

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    Nightmare1308 wrote:

    . . .

    i cant directly install snow leadpard on my hardrive as it wont let me as im running lion

    Sure you can, as long as it's formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled).


    You have to select the new partition as the destination, not the Lion partition.

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    Last problem as i did what u saud and it work the only problem is i want to remove the snow l partision now as i no longer want it i booted the mac in recovery mode and pressed the minus button under partion to remove it and it keeps coming up with a error saying

    Partition failed with error couldnt unmount disk

    Hope u can help with this one aswell sorry but u really helpful and will my hardrice return to the full 350gb when i remove the snow l 50gb ? Many thanks like