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Is numbers the same as excel?

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    For details on some of the differences, search "excel" in this forum.


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    Numbers is not exactly the same as Excel, but it could be practically the same for you depending on how advanced you are with Excel.


    If you only work on simple spreadsheets, Numbers might be the same or in some ways better than Excel.


    If you make use of advanced Excel features, Numbers won't be enough.


    Numbers will read and write Excel files, but again, whether it can run the spreadsheet properly depends on whether advanced Excel features were used in it. If your needs are pretty basic, you can look more into maybe using Numbers instead.

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    I don't really want to purchase Microsoft excel, if they are not the same can you still enter formulas?

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    For that I would encourage you to take Barry's advice and read up on what Numbers can or cannot do. For example, sure you can enter formulas in Numbers, but some types of functions or other formula components that you get to use in Excel may or may not exist in Numbers.

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    If you need features unavailable in Numbers, you may use the FREE libreOffice !


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    Hi Does Numbers accept Hyperlinks Generated in Excel

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    i have a situation in numbers.


    i want to create formula but it dont know how.


    like this, the formula is to be if i put in cell d2 certain figures


    if i put 500000

    the if first (150000 * 1%) then the balance ie 350000 should be( x * 0.7%) so it should be 1500 + 2450 = 3950


    i wanna make number to calculate if 150000 and below * 1% then the ( x * 0.7%) not to be calculated


    the complete formula is like this, for any figures it shall be calculated as follows

    for the first 150000 1%

    for the next 850000  0.7%

    for the next 2,000,000 0.6%

    for the next 2,000,000 0.5%

    for the next 2,000,000 0.4%


    can you help me. Thanks

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    Hi tzarmsia,


    This is a totally different question from the one implied in the topic of this thread. Yes, I can help you, as can several others participating here. But you should post your question as a new topic, rather than as a reply in a thread discussion a different topic.


    To sart a new discussion click this link:   Start a discussion


    For future reference, you'll also find that link at the front page of the Numbers community. It's near the top right corner, under the heading "Actions"