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A year ago, I asked about a way to extend the iPhone's headphone jack without losing the mic or remote controls. The only response to my old thread was this product, which works, but has too big of a plug "jacket" to fit the headphone opening in most cases. (It is also expensive for what it is.) After much searching, I may have finally found something - that is, other than those cheap ones on Amazon.com that get terrible reviews. It comes from Radtech, and it's called the ProCable 3.5mm Audio Extender. There is a standard "3-Pin Model," and also a "4-Pin Model" listed as "iPhone Mic Compatible." The item # is 16021 for a black one and costs $8; they also sell them in white. Additional info from Radtech also states:


  • 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female
  • Extends tight-fitting audio jacks
  • Extends any 3.5mm audio source
  • Ideal for using some large 3.5mm plugs with protective cases


I've ordered one and will report back if, indeed, it works as expected.


Here's the direct product link. I haven't seen these for sale anywhere else but the Radtech site.



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