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I am trying to backup my iphone 4s.  But when ever i start the backup process it starts estimating time remaining and sticks there, although i plug it in and lock.  How can i sort this thing out.  Apart from that is that i had bought extra storage space and i can use it.


Also all new photos that i take are appearing in the photostream in the photo library once i connect it to wifi, but the photos arent coming on my PC and i have all the setting s as mentioned in the icloud tutorials.  Whats the problem here?



iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1, Icloud
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    Try restarting iPhone or if that does'nt work try reseting by going to general-reset-reset all setting.


    Hope this Helps

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    Thanks.  will try. 


    How long should it take for the backup to start



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    it have been more than 30mins and still remained the same

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    Try going into setting signing out, then signing back in.

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    Any one having a problem with iCloud BackUp ?


    Here is the solution..(works with iPhone, iPod, iPad)


    1) Please export all your contacts by signing on iCloud.com


    1.1) Go to https://www.icloud.com/ and sign in with your Apple ID

    1.2) Go to contacts and click on the settings icon on the bottom left of the page which is also called as the Show   Actions menu. And then click on Export vCard.

    1.3) Your file is saved on desktop or any location that you choose to save at.


    2) On your device, go to the settings menu - General - Reset - Erase All Content and Settings


    3) Allow the device to restore and turn into a new device.


    4) Sign in with iCloud account on your device and turn on backup after you restore all the data you need on your device.


    Try Backing it once you have completed all the above steps. iCloud backup works !!

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    Are you serious? Destroying all your data and restoring your iPhone to new is your solution to iCloud not working? Seriously? Does anyone have a logical solution to why my iPhone fails to backup to iCloud? I have 18gigs of free space on iCloud. I have 8gigs of info on my iPhone. It should work. This is what happens when I try to backup:


    First it says "About 7 minutes remaining". That progressively gets longer until it's up to 51 minutes remaining, then slowly creeps up from there and it stops, then fails.


    That 5,325 people have read this thread tells you that iCloud has a real problem here. I don't see any iCloud employees weighing in. Have they no idea how to fix this problem?


    Any ideas, short of restoring my iPhone to new? Thanks.