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sending ical invitations between family members has worked great. we're using this feature only once in a while, not regularly.


since december 21st (2011) i'm receiving ical invitations only as email message, with 2 options:



to add the attached .ics file to ical.

this doesn't work on ipad or iphone, and has created duplicates on my macbook, whicht have the synced to iphone + ipad, where i cannot remove the duplicates i have successfully removed on my macbook (ical).



click on the contents/text/buttons in the email message to accept or decline an invitation.

this will NOT create an ical entry in my calendar!

however, the sender of the invitation get's my accept/decline in her calendar/meeting.


the invitations are sent to my correct icloud/apple-ID.


what has changed? why am i not getting new calender entries in my ical inbox, like i used to get them before?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2), 17", 2.5 GHz (early 2008)