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My 2007 iMac has become very sluggish.  The little colorful round ball justs spins and spins so much now.  I went to Disk Utility and for the first time selected verify disk.  Part way through the verification I got an error message telling me "The volume Macintosh HD was found corrupt and needs to be repaired.", "Error: this disk needs to be repaired.  Start up y...isc), and then use Disk Utility to repair this disk."  The problem apparently comes from "invalid volume file count" and "invalid volume directory count".


I am sure this is a simple task for most but I am unsure how to proceed.  I have my original OS X Leopard disk and my upgraded OS X Snow Leopard disc. Any direction in how to proceed would be greatly appreciated.Verify Disk 01022012.jpg

2010 Mac Mini with 4GB RAM and iMac 20 inch late 2007 1GB RAM 250 GB HD, Mac OS X (10.6.6), Time Capsule, iTunes 10.2.1
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    Before you do ANYTHING make sure you have a good a backup. I see you have a Time Capsule to check to see if your backup is OK.


    Next Insert the original Leopard Install disk in the Superdrive. Restart, when you hear the startup tone hold down the Option key and choose the Install Disk. Select the language then click the Utilities Menu and choose Disk Utility. Run Repair Disk from there, you will need to run Repair Disk multiple times until no errors are found. If you continue to get errors take the machine into an Apple Store or AASP to have the HD replaced. Make sure you let them know  you have been backing up on Time Capsule and want to restore your backup from there.

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    Thank you for your reply.  I just want to verify one thing before I try this.  Do I use the original Leopard disk that came with the computer when I bought it or do I use the Snow Leopard disk from when I purchased that upgrade?  If it is the original Leopard disk will I then have to reinstall Snow Leopard?


    Thanks Again

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    You can use the SL upgrade DVD.