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I would like to see what devices are connected on my Time Capsule.

Usually, Airport Utility  shows:

- MAC address, IP address and client ID in DHCP tab

- MAC address in wireless client tab with signal level plotted on graphic


So, it's a little awkward, but you can assume that:

- wired devices are connected if they show in DHCP tab

- wireless devices are connected if they show in Wireless client tab. Then you can assume what wireless device it is, using the MAC address as identifier and reading client ID


Usually client ID are plain readable, like "iPhone Bob", "Mac of Sarah", etc...

Sometimes there is a third party manufacturer cryptic info.

Sometimes there is nothing. For example with my Canon printer



With time, i've learned to know what MAC address my devices are, and consigned them in a list; but i found it painful to go to my list of devices and retrieve them with their MAC adresses. I would like airport utility to make this association, like they do for apple devices



So my question is:

Is there any file that i can edit to associate the Mac address of the device with the name i want ?


I suppose there might be some hosts file somewhere ?



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