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I spilled some iced tea on the lower part of my iPhone 4S this morning and the sounds don't work. Siri works though. I can't hear the unlock/lock sounds, music on the speakers, or the typing noise.


Is my speaker broken or do I have to do something else?         

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    You could try putting it somewhere walm not hot (like an airing cupboard) in a box with some silica gell packets, like the little packets that come with some cameras and possible phones. They are filled with silica gell.

    This will hopefully bring out the moisture, ifyou are lucky. You can buy silica gell from hardware stores.

    Leave the phone there for a couple of days, if you can.

    Good luck



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    I have a VERY similar problem. One day on the way home from work i set up the blue tooth and NOTHING, I set up youtube and it works. I turned bluetooth off and same nothing on itunes, but beautiful music from youtube I have an appointment in an hour but wanted to check here first if anything has been resolved. I have the white 4s 64 gb with 25 gb on the cloud and the phone stays dry in my lifeproof case (best case EVER)