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Happy 2012. Hope you can solve my problem


After installing the HP drivers which Apple suggests we use, my HP c4280 will not scan.

I get a long error message which, I cannot copy & paste into this question.


Briefly it says:

"HP scan cannot be opened because of a problem.

Check w/developer to make sure HP scan works with this version of Mac OS X along with instructions to re-install. Which, of course, I have done.


There is a window filled with a long log labled "Problem Details & system Configuration"


It says: "Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded:/Library/Printers/hp/Frameworks/HPWorkflowsmanager. framework/Versions/A/HPWorksflowsmanager

Referenced from: /Applications/Hewlett-Packard/HP Scan.app/Contents/MacOS/HP Scan


Reason: no suitable image found. Did find:

/usr/local/lib/HPWorkflowsManager: stat() failed with errno=13



Used AppCleaner to remove HP & then installed again, repaired permissions, restarted, again,

still no luck, even though I can print & copy!


If I try to Scan by using Scan button on the c4280, I get a message on the c4280 that the USB is not connected, even though I can print & copy.


Ran software update which does not indicate that I need any print drivers.

For all downloads I always go to the Apple site.


Thank you, for kindly taking time to help me with this issue.

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    blueCdreams wrote:

    "Dyld Error Message: Library not loaded:/Library/Printers/hp/Frameworks/HPWorkflowsmanager. framework/Versions/A/HPWorksflowsmanager

    That indicates a hosed HP/HP drivers update installation. Start over, using the latest HP drivers for your machine available at HP's site. Once that's done, reinstall the HP Drivers update from Apple.


    BTW, your choice of font color and size are overwhelming. I strongly suggest just using the defaults.


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    I recently had the same issue. I uninstalled the printer and reinstalled the printer 3 times and this did not get fixed. I called Apple Cares and the problem was much easier than expected. The USB ports needed to be reset on the Mac. To do this, shut the computer off. Then unplug the cord from the back of the Imac screen. Leave it out for about 15 seconds. Then plug it in and wait another 10 seconds. Turn the computer on and it should now work.


    If this does not work, there is a secondary reset. First do the first steps of unplugging and replugging in the cord. Hit the power button on the computer then as quickly as possible hold down command, option, P & R. Once you hear the 2nd start up sound, let go of the keys. When the computer comes back on it should be completely reset and the scanner should work.


    Hopefully, this helps.

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    Hi, sorry about font size, I have visual problems & therefore use a larger font when composing the post & forgot to reduce the size, before submitting.

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    Thanks for clarifying. BTW, did you fix the problem?

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    Hi Anicycle, Thanks for those tips & to all who made suggestions.

    Yes, it is all working fine, now.


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    I had a similar problem.  I originally had an iMac running Leopard and an HP C4280 all-in-one printer with the HP software loaded.  All was fine until I installed Mavericks in 2013 at which time I was unable to save scans using the HP Scan software.  I used an "Image Capture" work-around for about a year.  Sometime after I installed Yosemite in the fall of 2014, that problem with "HP Scan" disappeared.  Then a month ago, I bought a Mac Pro and migrated everything from my iMac to my new Mac Pro.  Then found I couldn't scan.  I would get a message very similar to the one displayed at the top of this discussion.  After a lot of messing around I found that Apple's "Migration Assistant.app" had failed to migrate (copy) over everything in the following directories:



    /Library/Image Capture/Support/Hewlett-Packard/

    I still had my iMac, so I manually used rsync to copy over everything in those directories.  Probably could have done it also from the GUI, just copying and pasting.  Anyway, now HP Scan works and all is well.

    I think Apple and HP have just decided not to support the HP Scan software anymore and to just go with the drivers and Apple's software.  I don't know if it's just that I'm used to HP Scan or not, but I find it a lot easier and more convenient to use, especially with my Acrobat Pro.