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I know that there have been very many topics regarding this issue, but I wanted to explain the problem I'm having in my own words. My phone will not sound any music, keyboard clicks, lock sounds, play sound on videos, sound off when there's an alert, or when there's a call. Now it works when it's connected to a dock or headphones. I know it's a problem with the dock because says "dock connector" when I go to sound options or whatever it's called when I double tap the home button. Anyway, I have tried putting it into my dock and unplugging it and sometimes it'll play sound for a little bit after I disconnect it then stop. One thing I have tried with a lot of success is use an ice pick and kind of bend the piece that connects to the dock upwards and the sound bar will show. The longest I've had it working after that is a couple minutes so far. So I'm positive it's the hardware and not software. And I've cleaned it as well. Any ideas or should I send the phone in? Thanks!

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1