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Having problems with AirPlay and an Apple TV2. When the Apple TV is powered off and I send a song to the device whether it be from my iPad 2, iPhone 3GS, 4S or iTunes, the unit wakes up, but does not send the audio through. Instead I get a placeholder: untitled, unknown artist, unknown album. If I change back to the original speaker and then reattempt with AirPlay, the audio plays through just fine. (Strangely enough, if I only send video through, everything works fine.)


I've got the latest firmware on all devices. I've tried everything to rectify the problem, reset and restored the Apple TV. I've had this problem since a few updates back and I've been content to work around the problem, but it would be nice if "it just worked". Anyone else out there with a similar problem or any suggestions?

HP Pavilion dv9000, Windows 7, iPhone 4S, Apple TV (2G)
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    Exactly the same thing is happening to me.

    Hope someone knows what is wrong.

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    Not sure if this is related but I am going to post a response for similar problems that might help other folks. When my Airplay came through with no sound, I went to Settings, General, then Restart (at the very bottom). Then waited a few seconds for the tv to reset itself. Airplay streamed with sound after that.


    Today, I got that display you mentioned "Untitled, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album." All my panels disappeared, the screen was totally dark except for that "Untitled..." message which just kept flipping back and forth. The tv seemed stuck in a loop, unresponsive to the remote control. The solution to this is to unplug the power cord to your apple box for 3-5 seconds then plug it back in. You should then see the apple icon reappear on your tv as it resets itself and all your panels (apps) should return.