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Hello to everyone!

I have an ipod touch 4G 32GB, suddenly my windows cannot recognised my ipod. The problem started when my ipod battery is drained. I tried to charge it using my car charger but didnt charge as it should like before. So when i reach home I plugit it to my wall charger and it wakes my ipod, but i noticed one thing while it was plug, the battery charging indicator is not showing on the battery icon as it was before. I keep it plug but the charging time is very long and it did not fully charge the battery. I tried to drained the battery again and plugit in to the wall charger but still the same the charging time take very long and it wont fully charge the fully. I drained again the battery and tried to charge the ipod on shut off mode, i keep it like that for atleast 8hrs and the battery is fully charged as it show on the battery indicator.

When i tried connect my ipod on my computer, windows shows that USB Device Not Recognized. I followed the instruction on how to update the driver on my windows but still my computer cannot install the Driver. I'm recieving this message when i tried to update the driver.

"Windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device"

Windows found driver software for your device but encountered and error attemptig to install it.

Apple Ipod USB Driver

This device cannot.(Code10)


I tried to connect my ipod to other computers but the same error message that i'm recieving. I tried replacing my usb cable but its the same cannot recognized my ipod.


The strange things is that my ipod still work normally, just have this issue of connecting to my computer and charging.


Please help