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Hello, I am hoping that someone can help me.

Recently in order to run a back up I decided to log onto the X serve that is running 10.6.8 server.

I enabled Mobile access and push notifications prior to running a backup as we where having issues sending mail from mobile devices via or mail server.

I think that due to this the "administrator" account for the server has had its home folder moved from is proper location.


Does anyone know where it could have been moved to and how I can actually log in and move it back when the admin account does not have any preferences or permissions to do so.


I am in sevre diffs here as the server has not been backed up in weeks althought everyone elses accounts are fine and access to email and files is working ok, the admin account is missing.



Any help will be greatly appreciated!




Also, when I create a new admin account it tells me once I log in that the home folder is not in its usual location or cant be accessed.

The home user folder may have been moved or deleted. If the folder is located on the network the server may be temporarilry unavailable.Contact administrator.....

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    Did you ever discover how to correct this?

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    Why not just create a new user and specify the home folder location in WGM?


    Open up Workgroup Manager.

    Connect to your server.

    On the top left side of the workgroup manager window click on the globe right under the Server admin button.

    Click "Local"

    If it errors something about not being able to see the network blah blah... Click okay.


    Select your admin user (if you can see it)

    If you can't see the admin user, create a new user.

    Might as well reset the password now just to be sure... 


    Click on the "home" tab.

    Select the /Users item in the list of locations on the right side.

    Click save.

    Click on the groups tab at the top right next to the "home" tab.

    Ensure that the user is a member of staff and administrators.


    Try and log into the server with your rebuilt user.