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iCal sent an invitation (to my husband) using my maiden name (married for 7 years!). I haven't made any changes to the iCal settings. It does show my married name as the default in preferences and in sharing settings so I'm not sure hwat hapened here. Any ideas how to ensure that invites are sent with the correct name?

ical, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    where did you find the wrong name in the email? I see my name in two places:

    • The "From" line with the sender email
    • The body of the invitation :  xxxx has has invited you to the iCal event: ...


    On my mac I see the following:

    • The name in the "From" corresponds to the fulll name in the email account setting in Mail for my default email
    • The name in the body of the invitation is the first name combined with the last name of the "me" card in the AddressBook.

    What does the "me" card in your AddressBook say?




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    Hi Léonie,


    On the "From" section of the email, it shows my maiden name, & it shows "Event created by" as the maiden name. The subject line shows as "New Event" added to "married name". I have checked in both iCal settings and my email settings and everything shows my married name.


    Emails generated by me (vs. iCal) are going out with "From" being the married name.


    The "me" card in my address book does show as my married name. I did a search in my address book for my maiden name & it's not even in it.


    I've been married longer than I've been a mac user so am really perplexed as to how it even knows my maiden name!


    Thanks for your help...

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    Is any of your mail accounts associated with your maiden name?

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    Hi again Léonie,


    My husband figured it out. Somehow in the cloud, it reverted to my maiden name. Neither of us are sure how it happened, but it's now ben corrected.

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    how was this done? My wife and I use the same computer, but have seperate use accounts on it. For some reason, my name appears where her should be but ALL accounts information everywhere is in her name and I can't find any place to change it! irritating. 

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    You say that your name was incorrect in icloud and "now it's been corrected."  Can you provide more details about how it has been corrected?  I am trying to figure out how to change the name associated with my me.com account, which is my legal name rather than the name I generally use.  Can someone help me?

    Thanks, Jan