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I downloaded the Cloud on my PC using Windows 7.   I can open it up but there is no option of using Find My Phone.   The Apple support sites all say that it's okay to use the Cloud with a PC but fail to mention that not all the features available to Mac users are available to PC users.  Am I doing something wrong?

Is there anyone out there with a PC using Find My Phone?

Thank  you !


iPhone 4S, iOS 5.0.1
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    Okay, so I'm answering my own question.  Turns out I had to go to the website icloud.com where I could use the Find My Phone function.   Of course this makes me with I hadn't asked this question to begin with.   Still, why does this Apple Support site tell me to load the cloud program on to my PC in the list of things to do to use the Find My Phone app?   That suggests that I can use the cloud program I just installed to find my phone.  Fact is, you can't.  You have to go to the website.  Wish that had been stated clearly in the original instructions.