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Paco Level 4 (1,365 points)

The internet modem is connected to the LAN port, the iMac is connected to one of the ethernet ports and the printer is connected to the AE USB port. The printer shows as offline to the iMac. If I plug the printer into an iMac USB it shows Printer Ready. How do I get the iMac to find the printer on the AE?

  • Bob Timmons Level 10 (98,249 points)
    How do I get the iMac to find the printer on the AE?

    You did not mention whether you had "installed" the printer again (using Print & Fax in System Preferences) when you connected the printer to the USB port on the AEBS.


    Did you "install" the printer at the AEBS? 


    If you did, you will see your printer twice in Print and Fax because the printer has been installed at two locations....one at your iMac and the other at the AEBS.

  • Paco Level 4 (1,365 points)

    Thank you Bob, you are correct, I had not removed my printer and then added it again with the AEBS connection. It works now, and with my setup I am also able to use the Canon utilities to check ink levels etc. Now to try it from the iPhone.