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I am with Verizon and my contract is up.  I am also due for what they have or used to have caled New Every Two, which on my line is  a $50 credit.  I do not think I can get applecare through verizon.  I saw today that I can get the iPhone 4S 64GB at the Apple Store and get Applecare.  I probably will not get the $50 discount, but dealing with Verizon is not worth it.  Has anybody who is with Verizon specifically (although you can do this with ATT, Springt, & Verizon) done this?  Was it a good expereince?  On the website Apple makes it sound like they will do anything for your business, but I am really sick of Verizon's crap.


should I or should I not get my iPhone4S this way?

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    You can buy the phone from Verizon then buy AppleCare from Apple


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    Get off Verizon and go with Sprint. I left AT&T because they could not get 3G where I live.

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    so if I get the phone from Verizon I would not be able to get applecare from Verizon?  I know the Apple Store will not give me the $50 New Every Two discount.  How does one know when they are going over their "Unlimited data usage" or text usage when using these iPhone4S.  I see that Verizon dos not give you very much data usage even lknow they call it unlimited.  I will say that Verizon has the best 4G with their LTE and the money they have put into getting up the best network.  I hear that from everybody.  anybody disagree?


    I had a friend go into Best Buy today and get the iPhone 4S and their unlimited plan for a darn good price. I had no idea you could get an iPhone 4s at Best Buy.  would this be the best way to go?  I would not be able to get an iPhone and stay on Verizon's plan if I get it at Best Buy, does anybody know?


    How do people know when they are going over their "Unlimited" plans?  that is what worries me if I get the iPhone4S.

    anybody get their iPhone4S from Best Buy with Sprint being the carrier?  Does Best Buy only sell the iPhone for Sprint?  I wonder what Mr. Jobs would think of all these places selling the iPhone.

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    NObodE wrote:


    so if I get the phone from Verizon I would not be able to get applecare from Verizon?

    You can still get AppleCare from Apple even if you buy the phone from Verizon. You need to take your phone to an Apple Store where they will inspect the phone and sell you AppleCare.

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    KC7GNM wrote:


    Get off Verizon and go with Sprint. I left AT&T because they could not get 3G where I live.

    Why should someone leave Verizon because you couldn't get 3G service with AT&T? That's a very confusing thing to say.

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    so with the applecare for the iPhone they still charge $49 service fee?  That seems odd since applecare is so expensive.  They should not charge a service fee and just leave it at up to 2 incidents.  I gues I am confused what that is saying.  If you buy applecare, and you bring the phone in for repair it will ...I am confused what they are saying there.  I am curious if I purchase the applecare and the day before it is due to expire and I drop the phone, would they replace the phone if they felt they could not fix it?would that be one of the cases where they would charge me the service fee?


    A friend of mine went in to Best Buy and got the iPhone 4S and a really good price on the plan.  I forgot to ask how much they charged her for the phone, but I think Sprint has the best plan with the unlimited and after reading the fine print it looks like Sprint gives the most "unlimited"data,texts, etc.  Verizon gives the least  this would be a case wwhere since it is not a 4G LTE service, Sprint by be the best plan to get for the iPhone.  with anything 4G I think Verizon has done a great job with their network but they charge so much for anything 4GLTE.


    I was going to get one of those 4G mobile hotspots like the Verizon MIFI and I think they have a Samsong device too.  I had their MiFI2200 3g and that was really cool when you would travel on a road trip, hook your MacBook up to this device and surf the web.  I heard their 4G LTE using one of those devices in most place is blazing fast.

    Can you use the iPhone 4S as a Mobile Hotspot like for the MacBookPro?  If you can it would be 3G right?


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