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I just updated to Lion (iMac, intel core duo2) and now am having trouble with email. Folks who receive my email say that a lock appears and "No security certificate is attached" is mentioned. Help!

iMac, Mac OS X (10.0.x)
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    I'm not sure specifically where your problem is, have you tried troubleshooting using Apple's Mail Setup, Troubleshooting etc.. advice letter?


    BTW  please update your profile to show   you are using Lion. You can do this by clicking Your Stuff in the upper right of this page, then click Profile and complete it there.

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    I checked the mail setup and troubleshooting pages and all is well with my email. The problem is when I send an email, a lock appears at the top of the email with the words "there is a security problem with this message". When 'view details' are clicked by the recipient, a 'security details' window pops up and the summary state "You do not trust the signing digital ID".  I've looked briefly into keychain, but frankly do not understand how that works with regard to security certificates.

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    Sorry I'm not a Mail or Keychain Access expert. Because both are considered part of OS X you probably should re-post in the Lion Forum and perhaps someone there has an idea.