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Hi I have an iMac running lion. I got an Android tablet to use 4 work, can I sync it to my iMac?  I've looked online but see all crazy answers!


Please help!



AppleTV 2, Mac OS X (10.6.7), Cant find my computer
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    The only problem is the softwae available will not say if it's compatible with my tablet since it's new and no one knows it!  Its made by MUSN  T-800 and since I'm not super familiar with Android, its running 3.0 or higher of the OS before icecream......  something


    Any ideas?

    Do you work for that company or just think product good?



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    ANDROID? Get out of here and get an iPad2.


    What exactly do you want to sync? Apps, books, music, etc. 


    And since you're trying to sync something from your Android, you should post this in the Android forums, since not much of us would know the answers.

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    Contact the developer and ask about compatibility.


    And no, AB doesn't work for Mark/Space; if he did, he'd tell you.



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    OK  I have an Ipad for my own personal use......I'm an Apple gal, but I have to use this darn tablet for work, and all I can say is the Apple platform is SO MUCH better than Android. 


    what i have found online is so back and forth I am not sure what to do



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    Missing Sync is almost certainly going to be your easiest option. Again, contact Mark/Space and ask them about compatibility with your version of Android.

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    Dave is correct, I don't work for MarkSpace, or any software or hardware developers.  I have been giving Mac freelance support for 15 years, and know many of the most recommended solutions.  I agree contact MarkSpace to ensure it works.

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    Wondershare has new programs out that work on the iMac for your Android device.


    As soon as my iPhone gives up .. I am getting an Android as it is a better device.


    They have it for the Android Pad as well.




    http : // www . wondershare . net/ ad/mobilego/ android-mac . html?utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=MobileTrans_Search_USA_Pid%281 352%29_&utm_term=%2Bandroid%20file%20share%20with%20%2Bmac



    http : // www . wondershare . net/mac-tunesgo-android/index . html


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