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I would like to upgrade to an iPhone 4S. I currently have a 3GS.  However, I read on Amazon that if you download the Kindle app on a 4S, you can access the books you already own, but you can't make any new purchases.  This may be a deal-breaker for me because I really love buying books on Kindle and reading them on my phone.  I know that Apple wants you to use iBooks, but I would prefer to use Kindle.  I am still currently able to purchase new books on my Kindle app in my 3G, and I wonder if that is because it's an old version of the app.  If this is true, does anyone know if I can just transfer that old version of the Kindle app to a new 4S?


I'm considering getting an Android phone instead because of this.  I like the Droid RAZR, but hate how big it is.  If I have to switch to Droid (on Verizon) does any one have any recommendations for good, not huge phones that use Droid?


Thanks in advance for any help!

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