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I used to have a Palm Treo smartphone.  Worked great, but I eventually moved on to an iPhone 3.


That was a few OS X versions ago!


Now, I have Lion and an iPhone 4.  And I just noticed this error in my console log:


12-01-04 3:19:46.791 PM SyncServer: [0x7fe69a416df0] |DataManager|Warning| Client com.apple.Palm:3297500208 image file path /Applications/iSync.app/Contents/Resources/tungsten.tiff does not exist.


12-01-04 3:19:46.792 PM SyncServer: [0x7fe69a416df0] |DataManager|Warning| Client com.apple.Palm:3297500208 sync alert tool path /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/SyncLegacy.framework/Resources/Translator does not exist.


12-01-04 3:19:46.793 PM SyncServer: [0x7fe69a416df0] |DataManager|Warning| Client com.apple.Palm:3297500208 formatter bundle path /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/SyncLegacy.framework/Resources/Translator does not exist.



It seems at least part of my old Palm sync conduit is still around!  And not very happy.


I don't use Mobile me.  And the iSync app is gone in Lion.


So, how do I manuallly delete this old device?



Thanks in Advance

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Solved by TigerJohn on Mar 21, 2012 11:12 AM Solved

For anyone else who wants to resolve this problem, the solution was posted here:




You can find the SyncroSpector program by searching for it in Spotlight.