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Up until Lion I had no problems with my Macbook Pro 2010 with 4 GB of RAM, even while running Fusion with a Windows virtual machine.

After Lion (why did I upgrade....) I already have made a 8 GB upgrade because using Fusion became almost impossible.


Right now, even with 8 GB of RAMs I have poor performance. The memory usage keeps increasing until there is only 50 MB of free ram and 4 GB of inactive memory, and the lag and beach balls begin all over the place. They disappear if I free enough RAM to get it to 300 MB so this is a clear memory management issue.


And please don't say "Don't worry about inactive memory" and "Free memory is wasted memory". If that were true I wouldn't be getting beach balls all over the place. There is something very wrong with Lion memory management, inactive memory isn't being properly managed and Apple really needs to do something about it. Getting low memory problems with 8 GBs is ridiculous.


Is anyone experiencing similar problems? If this keeps up, my next notebook won't be running MacOS.

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.1)
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