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I have this really cool bunch of drum sounds called Ocean Way Drums Gold.  I am a drummer and wanted the best virtual drum sounds I could find.  Not sure if these are the best but I like what I have heard so far.  I am a songwriter too, and perform a lot. 


However, I am near enraged at myself for having bought into the notion that it would be cool to be able to record all kinds of things here in my house; interacting with the digital entities makes me feel like taking a shotgun into a boardroom.  Nevertheless I have let go of a lot of cash and taken the trip this far, hoping that I can learn indeed how to do simple things, such as OPENING GARAGE BAND.....CREATING A NEW TRACK IN A NEW PROJECT....CHOOSING A VIRTUAL INSTRUMENT.....KONTAKT PLAYER 2 (which came in the box of Ocean Way Drums)  LOADING A DRUM KIT (which I managed to do, although often there are "files not found" and I don't know why...but I hit the button that said something along the lines of 'i wil go and find the lost files for you' and I think it worked, though I have no way of truly knowing yet)  playing the little virtual keyboard that sits in the Kontakt player and hearing cool drums come out of my Tannoy speakers and also seeing levels light up in the new track in Garage Band and at the lower part of the Garage Band project window as well, which has led me to believe that IF I ENABLE THE TRACK FOR RECORDING AND IF I PLAY THE VIRTUAL SOUNDS SOMETHING MIGHT ACTUALLY RECORD ON THE TRACK...


here is what happens instead: I hit record, play the cartoon keyboard in kontakt, hear the various drumkit sounds, see the levels recieving the signal in Garage Band, see the actual track space fill up with those weird tubular representations of sound, within which you can usually see waveforms (but in this case it is empty...can't remember if it is empty when you are recording a real instrument...)


as soon as i stop recording, the whole tubular representation disappears and it is as if I recorded NOTHING.


i sit here and wonder:  WHERE is the PROBLEM.  if i could be a tiny size and shape-shifting digital warrior i would enter these realms and pick up the nut, stick it on the bolt and turn it until it was tight


but way more intelligent people have created all these things i am now trying to understand, and my failure to understand i'm sure is due to my lack of wit and not any limitations in their capacity to reach a primitive thing like me.


any insight at all would be appreciated.  even just a "hello" from another human being would be cool at this point in the war.


bye for now


GarageBand '08, Mac OS X (10.6.8)