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I had opened another thread where in I had e-mail accounts two using IMAP and one using exchange 2010.  For some strange reason around 12/21/11 all of my inboxes disappeared without a trace.  That day mail was being sluggish activiity monitor was busy but I did not realiize realize what it was doing until too late.  None of my messages showed up in the trash or deleted messages folder, they all just went straight into a black hole.   With the two IMAP mailboxes I was able to do a time machine restore of a backup done on 12/20.  These mailboxes only contained a few thousand so it was relatively quick an hour or so each.  After the restore I moved the messages from the local recovered folder to the inbox all is happy.  When I tried doing the exchange inbox with 30684 it would hang on the restore.  I would select the inbox then launch time machine.  I would go to the date 12/20/11, the inbox would start a count of the inbox contents ultimately ending up with 30684 messages.  I would then do a cmd-a and it would select all 30684 messages and in about 2+ hours the daisy wheel is done selecting and a message would pop up on the lower pane and say something like "click on the restore button to recover 30684 messages."  I would then click on the restore button and leave it.  I've left it as long as a week and it was just stuck there and I had to force quit mail.  I tried that process again and would leave it over night the next morning it would still be stuck at that last screen when I clicked recover but the time machine disk has stopped popping the popcorn. It would be totally stock and only thing I could do was force quit mail.  Clicking on cancel or anything else would not respond.


Please help restore 30684 messages tell me about a finding a work around.  I can browse backups so there has to be a way to get them back...


one example is this

/Volumes/Time Machine Backups/Backups.backupdb/mpitogo-mbp/2011-12-20-113717/Macintosh HD/Users/mpitogo/Library/Mail/V2/EWS-mpitogo@exms01d1.us.eurorscg.com/Inbox.mbox/71BA922B-5E27-4F12-93EE-21CC8DBFEF27/Data/0/0/1/Messages