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  • fane_j Level 4 Level 4

    dresdenlyn wrote:


    Why must I compensate for other users' ineptness?

    You don't.


    You don't have to use a Mac -- you chose it yourself. Apple is in business to make money, and it makes money by selling as many of its products as it can, and it does that by tailoring its products to the majority of users in its segment of the market. You're not in that majority. Tough luck. You should be used to being in a small minority -- you're using a Mac.

    WHY should anyone be making the kind of mistakes where they are,

    as you, fane_j wrote: "have CDs or DVDs popping out of my MBP all the time!"

    Because the ⏏ key is right above the ⌫ key. Being not half as good a typist as you are, and an indifferent writer and bad speller to boot, I have to hit ⌫ all too often. And since the MBP keyboard doesn't hold a leftover of a stub of a candle (let alone a candle) to my beloved Apple Extended Keyboard… well, you can figure out the rest.

    Other professionals that I know ARE complaining,

    but just not spending their time

    Have you heard of the squeaky wheel?

    I paid $3,000.00 for a PROFESSIONAL LEVEL machine

    I'm sorry, but I don't think that the MBP is a professional level anything. It's a better-than-average (arguably) portable computer, and that's about it.

    My previous Macs did not do this, .... fairly new feature.

    Yep. Maybe 2007, 2008, something like that. Would you like me to list all the new features in Snow Leopard (2009) that I positively hate and despise, but can't do anything about because everybody else seems to think they're great?

    they should create OPTIONS

    "Just make it a preference", right? Imagine what Mac OS X would look like if it had an option for every function some user might like to change.

  • specklepilot Level 1 Level 1

    Apparently this delay is Apple's bright idea to prevent 'accidental activation'.  If they think that's helpful, they should see how much time I've wasted after pressing CapsLock only to find it hasn't responded and I've BEEN TYPING IN THE WRONG CASE.  I wish they'd stop fixing things that don't need fixing.

  • Basham Level 1 Level 1

    So, I've been searching for an answer to this forever, and I seem to have found one (though I haven't restarted my computer yet, so fingers crossed).


    1.  System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys

    2.  Click on Caps Lock and set it to No Action

    3.  Make sure the key is no longer working (I actually exited system prefs and reopened)

    4.  Click on it again and set it back to Caps Lock


    Voila!  Hope it worked for you as well!  I'm so happy it doesn't require some hack!  Still, though, shame on apple.

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    Thank U, this helped me  .... so far ), but I can't find where to * it.

  • Csound1 Level 8 Level 8

    dresdenlyn wrote:



    Thank U, this helped me  .... so far ), but I can't find where to * it.

    Really, look again.

  • dresdenlyn Level 1 Level 1

    All I see is the like button, & the Legend.
    Perhaps U could point out WHERE ON THE PAGE the "solved my question" appears, other than the Legend.

  • Basham Level 1 Level 1

    For sure.  Since turning off my mac I've found that it only holds over 'til the mac is restarted, which *****.  But at least if you're gonna be typing away on something for a long while you know what to do.

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    dresdenlyn: After you've awarded one "Solved" star and two "Helpful" stars, you can't award any more. This is just the way these  forums work. Back on January 6, you gave a Solved star and a Helpful star to Shootist and a Helpful star to yourself. That's all you can hand out in this thread, so the buttons you would need to award any others have disappeared.

  • MMoodi Level 1 Level 1

    Dear Basham,

    Thanks very much indeed for your guidence,it worked like Magic!!!

  • Al_ofthe_North Level 1 Level 1

    As Bashan discovered, his useful fix only holds until you turn your computer off -the caps lock is returned to its delayed state every time you turn your computer back on.


    One thing I've found which further helps is to use the Automator application to record  the steps from Bashan's fix. Save the recording (for example, as an application on your destop), making sure to check the option for x10 speed. Each time you need to apply Bashan's fix, you just double click the automator recording and it whizzes through the process at x10 speed. Handy...if a ridiculously convoluted measure when a simple check box in keyboard preferences could avoid it all...


    (let me know if you need me to explain the Automator thing in more detail).

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    This answers it all I guess:


  • GrandStrateguerre Level 1 Level 1

    Basham it is perfect ! Why Apple doesn't include a "no CAPS LOCK delay" in system prefs is beyond me. However changing modifier keys after each reboot is painful (or setup any automator task).

  • GrandStrateguerre Level 1 Level 1

    Apple just forgot that with some foreign keyboard layouts we need/prefer to press CAPS LOCK to get multiple numbers. Mixing letters and numbers is not the same than the US layout. Accidental CAPS LOCK input is not an issue in some countries...



    French layout

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    is your sticky keys on? That does that sometimes, not like sticky like soda, but sticky keys for MAC and PC

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    I know this is quite an old topic but I've just been searching for a solution for someone who prefers to use the Caps Lock rather than a Shift key when typing.  I think i've got something that works, even after a reboot.


    It does involve installing some software to do it of course, but seems to work for me on Mountain Lion.



    Hope it works for you!