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Currently I'm still using iPhoto, but I'm planning on migrating to Aperture.

I'd like to use it for all pictures I make with my iPhone. Together with iCloud Photo Stream, it's a great combo.


However, I'm often on the road with my laptop and I'd love to work with Aperture with a referenced database like this :


I import new photos, either from a connected iPhone (for movies) or from the iCloud Photo Stream, but I want to put them on my Macbook first. There I can edit, arrange, delete, sort, tag, etc. But when I come home, I'd like to move them from the Macbook to my referenced database on the NAS. So the actual location of the files will be changed from Macbook to NAS.


I know that Lightroom can easily work this way (you see thumbnails of all pictures in the database located on the laptop, but you cannot access the files if that NAS location is not connected),  so now I'm wondering if you can work like this with Aperture too? Meaning : open the Aperture database on the Macbook, see all pictures in thumbnail, add new pictures but copy them from iCloud to the Macbook disk, work with these pictures, later on, when I have access to the NAS I would move the files physically.




Macbook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    Yes. Import to the Macbook as a Managed Library. Do your organising etc. Then Export Project as a Library. Copy it to the Desktop. Import the Library to the main one on the Desktop. Then relocate the masters.






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    Sorry, but you lost me I'm afraid.

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    If I understand correctly, you will be using the same computer when you return home? If so, then:


    1. Import your photos on the MacBook. It probably doesn't really matter whether you choose managed or referenced at this stage.
    2. When you return home and are connected to the NAS, use the File > Relocate Masters command to move the master images to the NAS. At this point they will be referenced, whether you started with managed or referenced when you imported them.
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    Thanks mysticfig!